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Artist: Danny Brown
Album:  Detroit State of Mind (Mixtape)
Song:   It's a Description
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You was raised off welfare, nursing on focused hope
Pops left, young age, mom got her shoulder rope
Mom can't do that, mom's drunk off dope
Cold water bath, tic tac sized soaps
Sis' got pregnant, when she was young
Out here trickin' making you watch her son
Stolen cable BET stay on the screen
Never a dull moment, mom fight with other fiends
The happiest moment when you sleep and you dream
Then you wake up to the same old thing
Cereal no milk, dishes in the sink
Older brother runnin' 'round, gettin' money, wearing mink
Won't buy nothin' to eat, always buy drinks
Get the whole house drunk, then shit pop off
Momma boyfriend trippin' 'bout a dime got lost
Mind is lost, smoke a blunt, try to do (law?)
Seem fit to sell drugs, but you just too soft
Hard times at school because your peer is off
Too many roaches, might see a mouse
Extension cords get power from the neighbor's house
Got two pair of jeans, dead air, one's
Brother old coke square smoke in your lungs
The man of the house but your momma youngest son
Back to the wall, face to the wind
Ma's scratch the last of the number but don't win
Sister disappearing always leaving her kids
Tired of ramen noodles, you can see your ribs
Lot of sugar in the Kool-Aid keep your thirst quenched
Cigarettes and weed, make your eyes squint
Fridge empty, nothin' in the cabinet but spinach
And you ain't Popeye, livin' in a crowded house
Space heater keeps you warm, while you sleep on the couch
Bridge card every first, keep food in your mouth
Unless your mom sell 'em for drugs, and then you know
That month, shit gon' be fucked up
So you go to school, for the free lunch and stuff
But niggas teasing like you some type of punk and stuff
So you got kicked out for punching and stuff
Headaches at night, and your stomach is growling
Crack smoke in the air and the wolves is howling
...eviction notice on the door
...niggas sleepin' on the floor can't take it no more
Just listen you can make it out
Just look at what's around you take a different route
If you don't have a dream, how could it come true?
Take a look at me, look what I've been through
It's a description...