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Artist: Danny Brown
Album:  Detroit State of Mind (Mixtape)
Song:   Yo Lovin
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yo Lovin...

Wish I could take you back to my younger days
Feet pajamas, oatmeal off the microwave
Way back when I used to watch cartoons
Now I just rock the same shit like cartoons
For the last buck with the chronic
I was supposed to be crib, fruit snacks and Sonic
Now I'm posted in the spot with sacks and Tonic
Serve the high school kids before home economics
With a mind full of money and a heart full of change
Gotcha nigga puffing loosies skip home, a thang
Don't take it as a diss if a nigga don't speak
It's just... a lot on my mind this week
Gave my nigga four years so I smoke more blunts
And the nigga that snitched got 36 months
... what goes around come back
Tryna make the beat cry put my life on the track
Sit in Champion hood, split a swisher down the middle
Nights in the snow, bloc high like acquittal
Got a get it, no matter what's the season
Missed my PO day gotta come up with a reason
My granny die, already used that fuck it
Let the dice know, sipping the henney straight back
Roll another sack gotta get my mind right
Hit the booth spit the truth like W. Cronkite
I'm a heavyweight, guns make you levitate
Bout to get the d back crackin' like '88
Phone was goin' on by Marvin
Cause niggas still hustlin' and starvin'