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Artist: Danny Brown
Album:  The Hybrid
Song:   Juno
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Detroit so crazy, feel like Pac
Brenda's got a (baby)
Because everywhere I turn these girls don't learn
Get fucked by a nigga now her baby got a (baby)
A nigga be a nigga get locked or get hit up
Now you looking at that nigga like, "homeboy
I thought you was gonna help me I'm all by myself, see
When you gonna help me take care of this" (baby)
Put you on child support now you got to go to court
Now they hit your checks to take care of that (baby)
Thought about abortion but she couldn't afford it
And you was locked up, fighting them charges
Now you on the street, diapers ain't cheap
And you slang weed to take care of that (baby)
No education, the odds are slim of making it
So now you’ll fuck with any nigga that’ll bring the bacon in

Detroit so crazy, feel like Pac
Brenda's got a (baby)
Everywhere I look, young girl up in them books
Virginity took, now she ‘bout to have a (baby)
She depends on welfare, to eat and her health care
‘Cause nobody else care, ‘cause 2Pac ain’t there
Dropped outta high school, tried to go to night school
Got a GED to take care of that (baby)
Now she smoke blunts on the block and her feet ain’t never washed
Tryin’ a get someone to watch her (baby)
Have a baby in your teens, grown nobody want ya
Because ain’t nobody tryin’ a be a damn step-father
Bitch you a bother, Ho is you crazy
Get your ass in the house and watch your (baby)
So watch what you do, burns out at twenty-two
Any man you meet don’t give a damn about you