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Artist: Danny Brown f/ ScHoolboy Q
Album:  Old
Song:   Dope Fiend Rental
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Danny Brown]
Trail of blood on that baggie
I done scraped myself with that razor
Gettin head in that trick house and I snuck out without payin her
Locked up in that precinct used my Timberland for a pillow
Break the dank in that swizzle ridin round in a dope fiend rental
Pulling up on ya baby mama like bitch what you tryna get into
If you ain't about that suckin, then ho you can keep on trucking
I'm gettin mine straight up no middle man nigga I don't like you
Fool's Gold the clique and musically we don't fuck with you
Went from holdin crack in my ass crack
To racks on racks on ASCAP
Coulda rhymed ASCAP with ass capped
Jadakiss already said that
Do it for the days when for dinner
All a nigga had to eat was a couple of coneys
Broke as fuck and no bitch to fuck
In my basement jackin' off lonely
Used to fall off fuckin' with the work
But guess what? I'm back on ho
No more [?] on that couch
Now I'm all the way in your bitch mouth
And I gag her till she cry
On her stomach fluid come up
I be fuckin' her face on the daily
You be kissin' that bitch in the mouth

Like open wide ho!
Open wide ho!
Open wide ho!
Open wide ho!

[ScHoolboy Q]
If I tell a bitch to do a flip in the air
Then land on my dick from the back
Look I ain't trippin, no, I ain't kiddin'
Have her lickin' my head like a cat
Now shut up bitch and get the Amber Rose
Come and let a young real nigga cut
But nah bitch this dick ain't free
So she copped my dick and then cuffed
Now come here chick and let me feed you nuts
Cum on her ass and have her lyin' in it
How her mouth can be wide as her legs
My dick is long as the Brooklyn bridge
Hit it raw cause I'm with the shit
Gave her the pipe said she need a fix
Gave you life, can't believe the sight
Take the wood like a termite
Made a crash up at the turnpike
But it's a rental I'll get another
Wonder if you got the gift from your mother
I used to play hoops with your brother
Even played a lil house with your sister
She always call me daddy or mister mister
Why the [?] shirts can do more than fist her
Bitch gettin' head, I ain't never kissed her
B I G never missed a beat
I was [?] so I skeet skeet
Ho can make an orgasm last a week
I'mma get her deep, she a masterpiece
Hell no I don't love that bitch
Hell yeah I'm gon' enjoy that bitch
But I hope my daughter don't be like this
But I know her mama know that shit exist