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Artist: Danny Brown
Album:  Jealousy (S)
Song:   Jealousy
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

The cheddar breed jealousy...
The cheddar breed jealousy
Especially if that man fucked up

[Verse 1]
Y'all don't know where I come from, nigga
You don't know what I've been through, hoe
Said I wasted my time, huh?
Look, bitch, I done told you so
I done got on my own shit
I ain't need your help, though
Bitch, I know I did it
You ain't gotta tell me so
I done come a long way, I'm grindin', grindin'
Really, I ain't really have shit
Now your bitch see me shinin', prime-timin'
And she all up on my dick
'Cause she know I'm ballin', ballin'
J. J. Redick comin' off that pit
Shake, take pics, open up her mouth
And my dick is about to go switch
Bitch, it's... Danny Motherfuckin' Brown
And you know I'm in beast mode
So bitch go run them c-notes
She come through naked in a pea coat
'Cause she know she about to deep throat
Rubbin' on her clit, playin' with her pee hole
Lookin' like she playin' Guitar Hero
You niggas ain't in my league, hoe
My flow's so down, my lingo
No nigga, you ain't my amigo
No senor, you no chico
I do not speak no Spanish
So I don't know what that mean, yo
I met this Filipino, and she was jalapeƱo


[Verse 2]
Get up off of your ass, nigga
Worried about my fuck, boy
I don't love that bitch
Hoe just my fuck toy
Got the game in an uproar
Y'all are lames and so boring
Now your bitch got her tits out
Tryna get my laundry - oh boy!
I'm on some other shit
'Cause y'all done got me fucked up
Y'all don't know who y'all fuckin' with
I'm a Linwood nigga 'til I'm dead in the grave
Detroit techno, shootin' off weight
Nigga'd overtake ya back in the day
Don't make me go back to that nigga in the braids
Raised wrong, caged, but a nigga escaped
So bitch-nigga, don't make me take that bait
Niggas in the hood got love for me
No Limits, got Dungarees
So I'm just tryna smoke my weed
Tell me where the hoes at
All up in my cell phone
Nigga you already know that
So I'm a call some hoes up
Tell 'em bring some drink through
We gon' have a party
Called up your man Achbo
So last song, gettin' fucked up
'Cause we ain't worried 'bout it
Smokin' on that Master P
Bitch we 'bout it, 'bout it