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Artist: Danny Brown
Album:  Radio Head (S)
Song:   Radio Head
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I don't wanna rep with ya
Molotov the studio, hot tracks nigga
I sip liquor with bitches that owe tuition
After this they kiss n' strippin in the 69 position
And I came a long way from the dirty matress flippin
Malnutrition, now I'm comming in thuition
So fuck your superstitions
I'm with a cooler [?]
I've got that [?] crip vs piru adrenaline
With the mind of einstein, that collumbine
Like jefferson fist fighting with eddison
I knock your lights out
I take a shit in the white house and don't flush
Then pull my dick out on oprah...
Be like "I gotcha bitch"
Now that's real talk not fucking Dave Chappelle skits
And I bet you she be wetter than some whale piss
I put it in her pelvis and now I'm eating sword fish
Blowin circles of purple knowing nothin's for certain
Fuck the wiser surgeon bust a nut on their curtains
Everyday always stay on the low like I'm thirsting
Niggas handcuffin nurses and buyin em' purses
Fuck buyin em burkins they worthless like cursive
My purses is purchest I'm the one that they flirt with
The surface is circus clowns
My verses is curses
I cop it and break it down
The workers are chirpin
Leader of the newschool in an old school
Niggas tofu, bruise off the pro-tools
Rep my alanski loosing all his sanity, layin on a canopy
Thinkin how it can be
Player hating niggas allways blocking like Camby
Take the mocho out of man now he's just a randy
Blowin on the candy
Adderals and zanny
Always come in handy, yeah
I'm on the streets like a wino
I see that pussy just like a [?]
Got these bitches chargin head first like rhino
Remember when they used to rock madana's with the rhynestones
Now they lookin like the shitted out a pinecone
Diamond in the ruff been found and it's a fine stone
Fine two flow going over heads ho
Mind been blown ever since she gave me head ho