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Artist: Dave East
Album:  Black Rose (Mixtape)
Song:   Fuck You Think
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

All we chase is paper, the fuck you think? (uh)
Smoke O.G. Kush, then pour my drink (pour up)
No time to think about the broads we've laid (no time!)
Flip this work, then we can all get paid

Go against me, that's a no-no
I hit the tree like Sonny Bono
Scooped your wifey up, let's make a porno
In love with revolvers, but keep a auto
My niggas creep, the Lord know
Trying to take it as far as Fargo (far!)
Blanc Castellano
No assassination, my team's ready
Never look light, same reason why we seem heavy
Never got no rest, couldn't hold a dream steady
My team's deadly, played invincible
Before we seen the pellys
Watching Belly, my aura was Sincere, like
M&G fried chicken eating on a beer night
Rappers mad gay now, all these niggas queer-like
Beef 'll have you paranoid, like have you ever feared life?
Have you ever sold a pack, middle of winter?
Timberland thermals underneath
Hustling for dinner, I get it on
On a sunny day I'm bringing the storm
Got your wifey texting “what to wear?”
“Just bring you a thong”
Backwoods, 40 pack, I don't need me a bong
Now everybody want a feature like I need me a song
Uptowns with the strap like they're 'bout to shoot
Gutter hopping out the coupe
O-four, I was bagging whores with the Prada boots

[Chorus x2]

Eighty-eight, beginning of June, a king was born (a king)
Married to the streets, every day my ring is on (every day)
Now I make hits for the streets, they sing along
No cheer-leading movies, them groupies like bring it on (ah!)
I oppose all threats, no contest, untouchable
Raised in the gutter, my energy's never comfortable (never)
Rats, roaches, dope selling, that shit 'll trouble you
Belve on ice in the fridge, suite at The W
Came a long way from hustling right in front of cops
Fiends sounding like Rob Base, screaming “I want a rock!”
Young boys don't want to rumble, they're like I want a Glock
I want the world in my pocket, you niggas want a block
Watching Lebron on SportsCenter with the sour lit
Official nigga from the streets and I'm proud of it
Any disrespect to my posse and we gon' shower shit (prrr!)
Hottest in my city, it don't matter who acknowledge it

[Chorus x2]