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Artist: Dave East
Album:  Black Rose (Mixtape)
Song:   Talk
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Lotta talk, shit don't be about nothin' though
Yeah (Lightttt Itttt!)

I ain't got time if it ain't about no money
you ain't talkin' bout nothin' (Ain't talkin' bout nothin'!)
Got a big 40 Cal when I come to your town
I ain't walk around frontin' (Not me!)
Dancing on the pole but ain't nothin' for Patron
she ain't worried bout nothin' (No no)
I done been around the globe
taking bitches out they clothes you ain't talkin' bout nothin' (Ahh!)
You niggas ain't talkin' bout nothin'
these niggas ain't talkin' bout nothin', ain't talkin' bout nothin'
These bitches ain't talkin' bout nothin
these bitches ain't talkin' bout nothin', ain't talkin' bout nothin'

These niggas ain't talkin' bout shit
when they rap they be talkin' bout bricks they ain't talkin' bout grip
I be talkin' bout hits tryna touch a billion dollars fore' I R.I.P.
tell my mama don't trip (Don't trip!)
I be ridin' with the clique and you know we got that iron in the whip
if you tried you get hit
Hunnid thousand for the whip got some niggas on the island
doing dips getting brown like there's a bitch
Danny Beamer with the work, Bert Berry on my jacket moving P's of the purp
Nicer than your favorite flow the meanest on the earth
take a trip to Puerto Rico senoritas make em' twerk
Listenin' to Biggie smokin' OG from the Bay
I ain't worried bout em but I know they in the way
Young and got a tipper I'm just hoping he don't spray
got a motherfucking [?] and it's loaded in the K, hey!


Gotta get rich for my grandma (Mama!)
House full of Coke just like Tony Montana (Tony!)
I got a shooter in love with his hammer
I got a bitch that's in love cause' I'm handsome
Millions I'm dreaming bout
No roof on the Porsche and that's sour
I'm steaming loud pack got me leanin' out (Leanin!)
All that I know is get money and go we got hunnids on the table
guns in the living room, bitches in the kitchen titties out like I'm Nino
Head cracked five racks off a C-Lo
walking down 1st Ave. holes in my peacoat niggas keep testing me
Talking bout cooking up I got the recipe ducking this felony
Harassed at the border put molly in water these bitches undressing me
Think of money I never seen
Beef in Bronx and it's never green dirty paper shit never clean
Pull up in the black oldschool with a new gun
Niggas ain't gon' stop shooting till the news come
Flame spitter nigga I could use a new tongue
walking through the Bronx nigga feeling like the new Pun ahhh!

[Chorus x2]