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Artist: Dave East
Album:  Hate Me Now (Mixtape)
Song:   No Coachella For Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

No coachella for me, no coachella for me
I'm stuck in the trap, no coachella for me
I got work coming in, no coachella for me
I can't leave the hood cuz my phone clickin'
No coachella for me
No coachella for me, no coachella for me
My momma, she told me her rent is due, no coachella for me
No coachella for me, no coachella for me
Sellin' a key, no coachella for me

No coachella for me, watch yo head in these streets
I'm stuck in new york, tryna break down a key
We can bottle a backet, all these models are smashin'
Fill my pocket with magnums, 100 choppas just to blast some
Cuttin' dough to coachella
Came up on some coke, it's whateva
Crimson me killin' that stage, if I was dope, I'd be 9 or betta
50 dreams in the jam sports, cuz I fuck with yo main thot
Shaving and baggin', my hands salt
Ova that work, knock yo man off
I'm just pimpin' and whippin' and whippin'
And whippin' and whippin' and whippin' and whippin'
In the kitchen, the studio back to the kitchen
They look at me different
If that money be missin', yo honey be missin'
My stomach just itchin'
Cuz I'm hungry, you bitchin'
You run in yo house with no luggage, I'm trippin'


(Why you ain't go to coachella?)
She ask why we ain't go together
That bitch was a ho when I met her
Left her make up over my polo sweater
Pop the fofo beretta
I'm like manolo, I might hit yo sister
Bend that bitch ova, I will neva kiss her
Strapped up fo' war, I'll go in on whoeva
Bubble like crack, she got a bubble that's fat
I be with gusties and traps
Act like they hate me, but love me in fact
I got hitters that don't give a fuck about rap
Couldn't go to coachella, I was out swiping in soho with heather
I'd play the cars, she'd go in the store
We got enough but we gon' get some more
I had a bitch but don't want her no more
It's back to the kitchen, we come off on tour
I could do louies, do ninas, do bloomies
And that's off a day in the trap
I hate to do a 3 to 6 with this pistol
But fuck it, it's right on my lap
Maybe next year I could make it a promise
I wanted to go, my neighbor's in love with this coke