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Artist: Dave East
Album:  No Regrets (Mixtape)
Song:   Intro (No Regrets)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Regret is powerful
It's more powerful than any fear on they have
And I have a lot of fears
One of my fears is the fear of failure
One life lesson that's taught has me the most
Fear not to regret, fear not to regret, feel no regrets


Started in the ghetto
Repen'in wild like Mello (New York!)
Bitches talk, gott'em pissed off, diamonds yellow
All I had to say “fuck you bitch”, was “hello” (hello)
My hands gripp'in metal
Conversations with the devil (ah)
Burn'in up my hands hot (hot)
Feds raided my man's spot
Ball so hard like Shammgod, (god)
Flow so dope I can't stop (dope)
My whip look just like ocean spray
Pulled off when the cran dropped
Better calm your man down
Before I get your man shot (baow)
Navy blue my Yankee fit
Hood clicking like eighty six
You niggas soft like baby shit (soft)
Ask'in why like Jadakiss (Why?)
Poppi know I'm good
We bring it back so I don't pay for shit
Flower had these niggas drunk
One more shot will mak'em sick
Twisted off the Remy (Remy)
Beats I cook like Lenny (cook'em)
Foam-posits royal blue
Shout go out to Penny (what'up?)
Money got me feel'in good
'Cuz I ain't have a penny
Prince Akeem in my aura
Don't go nowhere without semi (strapped)
Automatic casket
All I bag is bad bitches (bad)
Shots fly get tragic
Respecters we got cash with us (respect)
Float'in on to ATL
You know that we got that gas in'em (gas)
Black gloves and that mask with'em
Y'all niggas just adlib'in
Mic jack I'm bad with it
Laundry mat you washed up (washed up)
Fake niggas just talk tough
And they switch it up when you spark up (brrr)
She roll it up while I'm lift'en (whipp'in)
Ride around and I'm sipp'in (sipp'in)
Long nose, Scott Pippen
Five racks on your head and you miss'in
Noth'in but a quarter to go fish'in
Caught with a quarter once and I'm dipp'in (gone)
Like blue cheese in my loose sleeve
Got niggas act'in different (illegal)
I don't regret noth'in I did
I got bitches up all in my line (line)
Fuck them thousands I want 'M'
I got figures all in my mind (mind)
Alcoholic I stay twisted
I keep liquor all of the time (time)
Never cuff'in call'in them mine
Give them space they fall'in in line
We was grind'in all through them Ps
In the back building all with that nine (strapped)
Had both eyes watch'in them B's
In case you ever talk about crime (uh)
Watch me paint a picture like Van Gogh
Nike's white cammos
Spend my first check on some ammo
Get your face painted like Rambo (bah)
Lambo when I get kinged
Ran hoes off of mixed tape
Grams sold out Pen State
From the Land Rover to the Ben's plates
From the Ben's plates to the hooptie (go)
Levi's to the Gucci
Front'in hoes to the groupies
Come sit front row it's my movie (it's my movie)

From the Ben's plates to the hooptie
Levi's to the Gucci
Front'in hoes to the groupies
Come sit front row it's my movie

It's my movie
My movie