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Artist: Dave East
Album:  Couple Reasons I'm Popular (S)
Song:   Couple Reasons I'm Popular (Eastmix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

(Would you fuck me for free?) I might...
You can come all you want to
Papi did his thing, with consignment he might front you
Strapped but will punch you
I come from a jungle
I ain't gotta dance there
And I ain't singin' nothin', my little cousin got the bundles
Tried to tell him chill but he in love with the hustle
All he really tryna do is double, he a Harlem nigga
I'm really startin' to feel like a father figure
And I ain' talkin' Kyrie, my sneaks Y3
Came through the tri-state
Rarely hangin with rappers
I'm only hangin' with trappin' niggas that buy weed
Nipsey had me in the 60's with the locs
I'm HMC forever, you can tell by how I smoke
She know this dick ain't for free
My PO was on me, I tried to find some piss I could keep
Women fall in love quick with this dick in the sheets
I don't feel comfortable without the grip in the streets
I'm on my 1st Ave shit, four bitches for me
I ain't sharin', pass 'em to the homies, never carin'
Spanish one named Vickey, white girl named Sharon
Black one named Angela
My cousin sold coke since J? ruled the damage?
No time for amateurs
Professional, Allah blessed me with style
I do it for my child, my upbringing was wild
I'm feelin' like the franchise baby I be with smiles
I still be with niggas bring in beef by the cow
They thought I made it when they see me with Styles
Real recognize real and I ain't seen you in a while
Matter of fact I think I never seen you
I done grinded to the point where I'ma need you
You niggas that stay on the block be like "I never seen him"
Cause I be in and out that bitch, I need a better reason
I be in Gucci and Givenchy t-shirts, 600 dollars
Got a bitch from the projects say she wanna model
I know a couple photographers if you wanna swallow
Closed mouths don't get fed baby you know the motto
It is just me?
Still gettin' calls from my custy's
6 floor nigga, I was dusty
I was hittin' from the back doin' my dougie
But not right now
I know you really want a picture nigga, not right now
Just to put me on your 'Gram, tellin' people I'm your man
We was used to sellin' grams, I'm breaking night right now
Name a nigga in the city that can fit my sneaks
The label talkin' bout a tour I got a lick next week
Think I need a vacation, I can pick that beach
And if the Porshe is too much she get to whip that Jeep Wrangler
Walk down on you nigga like I'm a stranger
Them project locks you can't open with a hanger
I look you in your eyes, you know nothin' bout no danger
You talkin' bout beef we introduce you to angus
.45 ACP, that bitch stainless
Nigga I can see my reflection
Change my pistol with my daughter diaper
This for my 10M niggas and this for all the lifers
For my family hittin' the bar making calls from Rykers
Like a bomb about to detonate in all the cyphers, I'm blowin' up
E-mailing bout a feature right now, it's goin up
DJ ain't got to announce us, they already know it's us
East side in this bitch, you know what's up

Is it just me?
Is it just me?
Is it just me?
Is it just me?
Can't smoke for free
Can't smoke for free
This weed so good can't smoke for free
Got a bad bitch [?]
They can't fuck with me
Dollar what's up
Shooter is rollin'