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Artist: Dave East
Album:  Cut It (S)
Song:   Cut It Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Cut it
I'm too high, you need to cut it
Commissary up, honey buns, oatmeal
Tryna get my weight back
I was in the field, niggas rob me for some pills
Tryna get my weight back
Spanish mami with the great mouth
Eatin' salmon at the steak house
Benihana we just take out
Kilt the city when I put my tape out
Hate me now, but now they startin'a love it
L.A. Reid called me with a budget
Sick and tired of pockets holdin' nothin'
When I get it you ain't holdin' nuffin'
Cut it up, drop the price on it
Rollie plain, throw some ice on it
Big mistake puttin' your wife on it
Get it shakin', bet the dice on it
I was on the run with five warrants
I been breaking like for five mornings
Bitches see us got their eyes on us
But it's hard to get the line on us
Baggin' up until my fingers hurt
They rap about it, never seen the work
Draino[?] when shooter was out of town
From the ground, niggas needed church
Demons in this cup of liquor, 5 thousand for the walk through
Bitches snapchattin' pictures
Niggas fresh but they snitchin'
I'm impressed by the riches, by the hittas, by the niggas gettin' cake
Not impressed by the bitches or the money that you talkin' 'bout you make
Me an' Uzi in L.A
Copped a brand new uzi and a 'K
I could make a movie everyday
I could fuck a groupie everyday
Only Jordans if they classic; I was gettin' busy wit the plastic
I heard they tried to say I'm average
But I was raised around some addicts
I was dope before I knew I was
If they don't pay me I don't do the club
Cut the dope and we can drop the price
I come from the dirt, I walk through the mud
My features way too high, they tell me cut it
He told me that's his bitch this nigga cuffin'