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Artist: Dave East
Album:  Work (S)
Song:   Work (Eastmix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Work, work, go to work, work
Body like a basian
Slanted eyes she had to be Asian
At least her father was
She's in all the clubs
Whining like moscato on a summer night
Always wanna make up in the bed
So she love to fight
I be like wrestler
Pin her to the dresser I'm undressin' her
Hit it from the side
Clip my blunt, leave the rest for her
Work like you getting paid overtime
Cash out, she love the grind
Plus she duty wine with her ass out
Dancing in the mirror
Taking selfies that she never post
She ain't used to getting high
Told me that she never smoke
She got her own money
Baby girl ain't never broke
NBA players flying her out
The way you'll never go
Aura like an angel got that heaven glow
Word around the town
She get around like the letter “O”
Her ass to big for the back seat
Rude if she don't know you but she act sweet
She feeling me
No diggity like Blackstreet
How I get her off my energy don't ask me
Had to flip the mattress over
We done been through mad sheets
Smelling like she just got out the shower
When she pass me
Told me I can have it, Ma don't gas me
I hit them spots that he never could
Cuffin' you I never would
Mami go to work
They know about her in every hood
So in private I kill it, public I don't know you
Pay for your Uber this time
That way I don't owe you