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Artist: Declaime
Album:  Self Study
Song:   Coonspiracy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Declaime]
Y'all some, haters!
Yes you are

[Chorus 2X: Declaime]
Why dem wanna hate on me?
When I'm only tryin to set these suckers free
Make these blind coons see that
fantasy is no longer reality

Man, only if y'all dudes truly knew me
Broke bread or toasted with the homey, the one and only
emcee who truly cares
how this funk plays out on your ears
While the world is watchin, I smash through all your worldly functions
SomaOthaShip Connections
Connections, directions, produce new destinations
Remarkable creations
Through sight and sound, that's how we get down
D and Ms. One, that's how SHE gets down
I freak this funk, never let the funk freak me
I see you chumps hidin, hatin on the D-E-C
Even with the eyes of Hieru, cain't none of y'all suckers see me
See I know, fake snakes come a dime a dozen
Just ask my cousin Joe
Fronts the soul, yeah he knows


Reality... only lame ducks hate on the D
And all them real humans can come follow me, like Twitter
Never been a quitter, real rhyme spitter
Never back down, hold my own ground
against all opposing foes, for this ain't friendly fire
This that real black, pickin afros
'Bout to take you higher
like dummies sniffin coke up they nose, y'alls funny
Like so-called pimps and they sleepwalkin hoes
Get that money is all a brother knows
Fast cars, and expensive clothes
All slingin rock on the block prayin not to get caught
Whoa! Hold your horses
And act like your momma taught you or brought you up better
Never half-ass, be a go-getter, trendsetter
But before you master your art, master your heart
Only then you can become a true emcee like me
At least that's how I feel
Cause I keep my lyrics way way too real
And from now until this, planet stands still
I will, smash all fakes and phonies
'til all y'all know me, and shout out my name DECLAIME~!

[Chorus] - 1/2

And oh, I'm so blessed to be here, each year
I let y'all know how much, every beat I touch
It's magic, and words sleepin men can't comprehend
Bendin space and time from within
Each track a classic, my Ship rolls deep
so if you're ready get in
But only if you're ready, to open up your mindstate
If not - I hope you're ready to swim
I got them pirahnas on ya, tearin deep into your skin
We ain't in this to lose, we in this to win
Mass amounts of melanin and, can true change begin
And now I got my second wind - ha~!
I hope that y'all, can comprehend
Thanks to the ancients, for bringin me within
reach, of this original old school boom bap
Feel dap, all over this map

[Chorus] - 1/2

[new Chorus]
Why dem tryin to hate on me? (I dunno)
When I'm tryin to help these suckers be free
Make you fake coons see that
fantasy is no longer reality, reality