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Artist: (Declaime f/) X Riley Fresh
Album:  Self Study
Song:   Fresh
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*scratched 2X: "the fresh"*}

[X Riley Fresh - AutoTuned]
Am I the Fresh? Can't get it off my chest
I gotta flow not embarrassing like the rest
But who guesses I'm the man
Quite cool in shine {"the fresh"}
When I blast off like a rocketship
Oh yeah, get off my hip
I know I'm outstanding
You don't have to be on me cause I'm landing
Just pretendin to be imaginative
On the moon with space in the place
with those goons, I play basketball
all day every day, you don't know me
cause I got the ill better way
My friend say you should be with the rejects
but I eject my CD then put it away ohhhh
I'm, an angel flying above
like push come to shove
A tear fell from my eye, once forth from I
cause love never lies
But I get off when I jerk
You can't get on me cause I'm so alert
Ay me, X-Riley Fresh
I'ma spell it out
X-R, I-L-E-Y
F-R, E-S-H-S {"the fresh"}
Cause I'm so fresh {"the fresh"}
Cause I'm the best {"the fresh"}

{*"the fresh" to end*}