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Artist: (Declaime)
Album:  Self Study
Song:   Inversion
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[unknown speaker]
Everything that you do you do for the presence, of God
Or for the perfect unfolding of your soul
And because that becomes your focus and your soulful resolve
Now there, your mind becomes like a laser
It's not all over the place-uh
Uh, doing this over here for that reason
And doing this over here for, this reason
Everything is done for the same rea-SON
Now, the, inh-anything that would INHIBIT the flow
is dis-intergrating
And more power can flow through you
because you're not blocking it in ANY way
So whether thee, task is extremely small, in your mind
or whether it is a large-uh, Goliath task of some kind
Uh, you're doing it all for the presence of God
for the presence, for the sss-
-to serve the unfoldment of, your soul
And then you take on the SECOND pillar of fire
Which is the WILLINGNESS, to CHANGE {*echoes*}