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Artist: Declaime
Album:  Self Study
Song:   Ship's Doctor
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro 2X: Declaime]
They just don't get it
They just don't understand

Yeah, I am, four past the weak
A bright light with focus, lit my way through all the hocus pocus
Holy smokes is Declaime on fire?
The making of an empire
Vibrate higher, never tire, loved by many
Hated by more, Uncle Sam's knockin at my door
Pow~! Not any more
12 gauge or the .44, what else would I have 'em for?
Target practice?
The simple fact is I cain't stand war
War is hell and, most blacks is still poor
As I watch prices soar like condors
Too many closed doors, so I transforms into a key
The key to life that's in me
The same as you, my comatose co-creators
And we came here to funk you, up a little more
Make water wetter
If they can make it rain, then we can make it pour
Score one more, for me, Ms. One and company
Some just don't get it
Most don't understand, we a hard act to follow
Bit too much to swallow
And this is only a taste of what's cookin
Even got the big dogs lookin, peepin, plannin and plottin
For we have gotten much iller with time
Much more rhythm for my rhyme
On another ending climb, go against the grain
We are from a different place, a different time
Some won't get even 'til five years down the line
That's even if they find they mind
Bats in the belfry can't hypnotize me
So easily I let my roach, inhale deep
Those who know me know how much I can smoke toke
Come and conversate with me
Christians debate whether I'm free or just fakin
My spirit just ain't for the taking
Like good wine, I gets finer and refined with time
Master of this craft; and now this game is mine

[Outro: Declaime]
Got Ms. One on the drum
Funky intelligent can come get some
I'd like to give a shoutout to all my
fonk with a O, ay, y'knahmsayin? SomaOthaShip Connect
Like to give a shout to my man Quizadelic y'knahmsayin?
Like to give a shoutout to Ms. One on the drum y'knahmsayin?
Like to give a shoutout to, my man LMNO, y'knahmsayin?
M.E.D. y'knahmsayin?
Like to give a shoutout to, Ms. Bamma-Ricky BB y'knahmsayin?
Like to give a shoutout to all the people in the place to be
You know how we do it, runnin through SomaOthaShip Connect crew