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Artist: DJ Muggs & Planet Asia
Album:  Pain Language
Song:   Black Mask Men
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Planet Asia
Get that shit playing nigga
M-16 shit, uh, I just want that shit to loop
Muggs, know'I'm'saying, Medallions
GCM, simple and possible nigga

[Planet Asia]
Fine line executioner, crystal vision
DJ's mix, blend me, this is nothing trendy
Straight outta freedom now your source harvest
Fuck your wack songs we ain't trying to hear it
Don't force the garbage - it's classical rap
My team guaranteed to put the real shit back on the map
Relax, back style
Y'all niggas is stressed writing the wack files
I grab you wit a submissive grip till you tap out
I could be very cold, you neva know
I'm walking wit a heavy load
Take everyone's body could barely hold
I put the soul in your stereo
No matter where I go
I'm on a level that you'll neva know

(Chorus) Planet Asia
I'ma Soul Assassin - 'Black Mask Men'
Till they close the casket

It's the formula we stick to
That makes it so official
We got it locked like Pit Bulls

I'ma Soul Assassin - 'Black Mask Men'
Till they close the casket

Roll up a wood and let a nigga smoke
Got Muggs on the MPC cooking up the dope

[Planet Asia]
S-900 cadence, I ain't the one to play wit
Up in the studio blunted and faded
The breath technique, man of mystique
Straight outta FC
The one ya main chick got tatted on her left cheek
It's all in the game, it's EA Sports
CA thoughts, over be caleeko corks
70 degrees beach weather, people's court
Peep the resort and plus my bitch feet so soft
Hawaaiin fishermen hat flip; this is that rap shit
Gonna fly, mud of the sky, sounds of blackness
Treasure Island, just cuz I murdered the Gilligan's when I hold the pen
It's OG like Pendleton, and this is so relaxing
Melodic murdah from my Soul Assassin

(Chorus) Planet Asia
I'ma Soul Assassin - 'Black Mask Men'
Till they close the casket

We in the lab making hits from scratch
It's a lot of songs out but them shit is wack

I'ma Soul Assassin - 'Black Mask Men'
Till they close the casket

We getting drugged off Jack Daniels
To all you clown ass cats in the game just know we can't stand you

(Outro) Planet Asia
Know'I'm'saying, we on the move, know'what'I'mean
Yeah, it's goin down man, it's that midnight shit
Driving in ya whip, know'I'm'saying
It's hot outside and shit, know'what'I'mean
I got the mothafucking drink nigga wit the umbrella on it
Wit a bad, bad, bad, pretty young thang on the side
We getting lit nigga, yeah
It's all to King, haha
I'm outta here, ay' take me to the top

"The Assassins were said to number over 70,000 fanatically devoted members.
Their specialty, they had perfected the art of killing."