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Artist: DJ Muggs & Planet Asia f/ Prodigal Sunn, Tri State
Album:  Pain Language
Song:   Deadly Blades
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

"Throw down your weapons
and pledge yourself to me or you will join us"

(Intro) Planet Asia
Uh, y'all know what the fuck it is
Uh, Assassin time
I'm going in

[Planet Asia]
Yo 'The Bone Collector', pad is connected
Gimme some seconds till the 16's that I previously perfected
I'm just a cold mobstah
And y'all clowns still stinking up the spotlight like hoe lobster
Yo, here we go straight to the audio
Karate blows, battling drums, hunt till somebody roll
That's that shit right there is what she told me
Yet it's all good but I still rock for the homies
A big bag I ran back wit a burner
The cash block earner
For what it cost, I'ma boss
So talk to my attorney, you can't burn me
I put vets in gurneys
Let's journey, all hail the king of the urban
Shit don't shutdown once we start murdering

[Prodigal Sunn]
Yo, we lay heavy in the trenches
Oil on my wrenches
Royal gold apprentice
Sunn remains endless
In this pad locked system frame
Stay away from lames
Run thru wisdom of the game
Systemize my name, energize, smoke a dame
You moving lame, nigga suck it up and keep it grain
You know the industry is WTC
S U N Z Babylon A.D.
Heavy artillery spinning like a CD
Hot slugs melt your face nigga 3-D
A lesson taught, blessing, gang in the killing fields
Keep my eyes peeled, seven knight, seven shields
The Reverend reveals, open the seals
Mac-11 spills the will, blood on the deal
Life of a soldier moving wit the heart of Jehovah


[Tri State]
Murder Medallions, manifest the album
Fashion fly flow from arrow while wild style
Dope pile and stash, more milage smash
360 blowing off on the dash
Horse power rap staff
Sweat on the coward like rash
Cuz none of y'all swine niggas fast
Murder mouth and training
Fuck y'all acquaintance
Muggs makes music dangerous, dufus!
Chain Gang militant movement
Bang out acoustics point out style ruthless
Sicko, psycho I came out blasting
Mic flow rifle your Soul get Assassin
16 clip on four, drop jewels
Godbody fully equipped wit sharp tools
"Mind over Matter" the grind over chatter
Get ya neck chopped off wit the food on the platter
Deadly blade