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Artist: DJ Muggs & Planet Asia
Album:  Pain Language
Song:   Drama
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Planet Asia]
Yeah, yo, Mandarin marinating
Got a call from the money spot
Some niggas on the turf started hating
Shut the shop down until I get back
But when I touch down it's on again
I'm leaving somebody wit they shit cracked
Cuz on the line I got millions
Let niggas front if they want
They must of forgot
We kidnap children, let the goons out
Killers is thirst and been waiting the murder
Something the type to catch you coming outta church
Got me high pacing
Blood boiling and heart racing
It's back to shootouts, body counts and car chases
And on the peeking better birdies at the bottom of it
But fuck the reason, we squeezing
Leaving someone smothered same night
Heavy hands hit me up
And told me he got word where them clown niggas eat, sleep and wake up
Fucking wit me you better have your cake up
Now that's your brains smeared all over the place rake up
Next day flew in disguised, no jewels one carry on
Nothing was flashy, I'm trying to ride
This flight will be descending in 45, Fresno County
And once the plane land watch how a nigga get live
I'm down for mines, pushing the line wit nines
It's like that, when niggas wit cake and broke niggas collide
Somebody gotta take it wit stride
Suffer the repercussions of being a victim of the opposite side
Now I'm town bound waiting for the night to fall
So I can night crawl, ambush niggas one-by-one
We looking for Charles, light-skinned nigga from Minnesota
Fucking wit us, he must of had balls
Pause, shot 'em wit his bitch in his draws
Double homicide, left no witnesses for the laws
That's what you get for fucking wit ours
Silver-Back soldiers that'll boot up, suit up
Come shoot up ya day job
Play hard or play home cowards
We catch niggas individually
At the crib taking a shower
The word got back, where the rest of his clique was hiding at
Turban hide the gat, we bout to hit 'em where they hustle at
Niggas only think that I rap
Till that black body suit come, dumping dumb fired from Mac's
Where the safe at? I heard y'all niggas got stacks?
We left the scene clap and skated out the building wit hundred racks
We left the scene clap and skated out the building wit hundred racks
We left the scene clap and skated out the building wit hundred racks

(Chorus) Planet Asia 2x
That's 'Drama', trauma, another day, another dollar
Gats holla, cats get clapped for product
Lord save me, this is not us
Please forgive us and I pray that I neva see my love ones shot up

(Outro) Planet Asia
Word up! Know'I'm'saying?
The meaning of life is so precious it has no definition
So fronting is disrespectful to the ethers of self
Get ya self dealt wit fucking wit mines
Or anybody from my establishments, know'I'm'saying?