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Artist: DJ Muggs & Planet Asia
Album:  Pain Language
Song:   Pain Language
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Planet Asia talking)
Uh, Murder Medallious
Muggs Material, Soul Assassins
Gold Chain Music

[Planet Asia]
Yeah, yo, yo
I'm on my trademark shit, straight spit wit a full clip
Busting at ya stool pigeons
True religion, newer division
Coop in the kitchen, richer then Nixon
True blue 76er
If I snap you'll prolly get the picture
I strike like a pitcher
Your fucking hype hit ya
Get wit the, stick shifta
Files, my mind running wild off natural elixirs
And this is the final frontier of the mission
You still talking about you got hoes
Homie you not pimping, I ain't tripping
And emphatically not slipping
I'ma start riffing and it can turn into something different

(Chorus) Planet Asia 2x
I ain't playing, ayo somebody better pay him
I might just run into these spots and start spraying
Wit the thang waving, it's kind of insane ain't it?
But nah, this is 'Pain Language'

[Planet Asia]
Yo, who's the nicest?
The truth is that if it was known half of y'all would have a middle-age crisis
As I write this or wrote this
I think of the sacrifice it took and all the doors that was eva opened
And I'm the hottest thing smoking
Soaking in and get ya heart broken
Look!! Fuck moping; I'm leaving wit a bag of tokens
So try to find another ash you can blow your smoke in
I'm somebody you better know
Heavy Weight in the game that's busy wit the schedule
And the streets told me to neva come regular
Now everything I do is incredible, it's on nigga

(Chorus) Planet Asia 2x

[Planet Asia]
Yo, more faster, busting like a born master
On these corners for the paper that we're chasing after
You get fractured for what I manufacture
When it's a war we kill the captives for laughter
And that's what you get for getting drafted
On dangerous grounds wit no tactics
Niggas is balling in tennis shoes wit no traction
Get a grip, I come equipped wit action
And fuck all the fashion; that shit was last year
I'm cut from the Kashmir, past fear
They say the swagger is off the thermometer
And now you mothafuckaz finally know what time it is

(Chorus) Planet Asia 2x