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Artist: DJ Muggs & Planet Asia
Album:  Pain Language
Song:   Sleeper Cell
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

"The ancient secret of war
The key to creating hysteria"

[Planet Asia]
I was cut from the concrete cloth, self-taught
The time is an illusion, reality is a thought
Ya mothafuckaz way off course
Time to take it back to the Source
Back to the crack on the porch 
Pass the torch
Passport to the last resort
First class blast me off
Safari outfits, now we in Africa
King Medallions is an uproar
My whole staff ya, Allahu Akbar
It's the suicide passengers
We torch the conference, take the hoes hostage
That's what you get for burning our homes and Allah's Mosque's
Dealing with math to form my God conscious
I responses, and molotov's to ya office
But niggas nowadays soft as butter nut squashes
My Palestinian prisoners is ready for warfare
My new esť's the threat
And for the U.S.A we got new AK's and Jets from Brother Numsy
Loyal plus royal, big money from oil
Fly Arabic, inherited a soil
Elusive, fuck cruising
I'm going all out and shooting
40 inch chain-gang, bullet proof Kufis

(Chorus) Planet Asia
King Medallions is as hard as hell
Battle anybody, I don't care who you tell
It's the 'Sleeper Cell'

"The ancient secret of war

[Planet Asia]
King Medallion is as hard as hell
Battle anybody, I don't care who you tell
I'll put you in the spot where nobody can smell
Oh what the hell
When niggas pop shit, I pop clips
You'se a duplicate thug rap nigga that acts bitch
I rock turbans and make moves like I'm rich
My gang steady as fuck, get ready to flip
Rattle shields on battle fields cuz clowns ain't equipped
Yeah, fresh off the slave ship, these niggas is sick
And man ya album ain't shit, talking 'bout you flipping bricks
You'se a dick
And dealing with a born terrorist
From the 55593706 area
It's the underground sound from Muggs
They got these gold chain niggas in ya town wit drugs
From the Sahara, the Godbody saga continues for dollars
You bare witness like Shahada, once I act violent
It's like I'm spitting out razorblades wit long mileage
Known for wylding Los Angeles to Long Island
From Colorado to the Kaaba
They say the kid slide as far back
Cock sucka my shit's hotter
I stay on Excursions; pray on rugs that's Persian
My whole life is dirt, divinity is my detergent

(Chorus) Planet Asia

"The ancient secret of war
The key to creating hysteria"