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Artist: DJ Muggs & Planet Asia
Album:  Pain Language
Song:   That's What It Is
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Soldiers, march!

[Planet Asia]
You could neva knock me off my square
It's a Boss here, we taking you off here
This is Gold Chain warfare
A clean kill
Muggs is in the kitchen cooking up mean meals
Now let's eat
validated by the best beats
Straight from FC, wit nothing is sugary
Medallion is the name cuz I shine like jewelry
More toolery, we keep it OG, Schoolly D
And your death bed will be soon to be
If it all comes down to just you and me
Get ready for some heavy artillery
I beat down punks, cut 'em up in junks
I know the path is the past but your history sucks
Let some real shit happen, get your Captain Crunch
I'm capturing chumps, ayo Un pass the pump
That's wassup, the God got your mask touch
And 'That's What It Is'

(Chorus) Planet Asia
One thing is fo'sho
You could get touched when the God is in the house
Fake niggas get rushed
I get on, make the shit sound plush
Yo, them cat's ain't fucking wit us
'That's What It Is'

Soldiers, march!

[Planet Asia]
I mutilate emcees wit multi-metaphors
The microphone predator
Hit a set of war, I fuck a rock star 
Another political got fam, sensitize like a Nazi General
It's a two shot kill wit the Dillinger
Fire from the iron gotchu losing your minerals
Now watch me take this to the pinnacle
Make the masterpieces split the percentages
Till I finish this, popping the spree
My option will be going Gold and copping a Ki
It's the deal of the century
I'm half-way-home, drop-top Rome
Hopping out cover the stones
The money varies, politicking wit the honey Berry
Lights out in the bathroom, a good game of Bloody Mary
Everything I write is legendary
Vegetarian, no lamb or ham
Or chicken, or turkey, or hamburger
Fucking wit me, the super-size self murdah
We're bringing it back to what we call hip-hop
It woulda meant to Jay Master Jay and Pac
You say you're hot, I say you're not
I'm spraying some shots even if you stay on the block
And 'That's What It Is'

(Chorus) Planet Asia 2x