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Artist: DJ Muggs & Planet Asia f/ Chace Infinite, GZA
Album:  Pain Language
Song:   Triple Threat
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Check it, yo

From slow grooves to Pro Tools to 8-tracks
Cassette tapes to VHS to ADX
Regardless of the format, it's liver then Memorex
Colorful megapixels like the centreplex  
Feature film from the outer realm and for the ears
Enjoy ya own picture and stay in ya mind for years
My heart pumps and creates surround sound
I brought hip-hop to the top push the underground nigga
I'm 'Beneath the Surface' wit a single purpose
Make sure your ticket is worth the purchase
The story that'll come to ya straight off the screen
Knock ya popcorn and ya large drink upon ya jeans
Written by one of the best while getting high
Intoxicated from an idea that killed the living lie
Observe the flicks, roll wit the credits
Hold that shit, I'll catch you in the edits

(Chorus) Planet Asia
We throw daggers and studied all the old tablets
We going at it wit the uncivilized savage
Respect, on deck be the G O D's
On ya set for the fuck of it, betta keep it G

[Planet Asia]
Yeah, fresh bracket, four metal jacket
The best crackers aligns fish specialist
Ex-Panther, automatic strapped counselor
The worst chancellor
Jamming up the board amped up
Polish professional, the patriotic poor for life
It's a long run using the side of the brain that I write wit
It's mind, body and soul, control wit the mic
Rip jewels to ya dome, segregates the devil from righteous 
Black Guerilla, act ill, I'll act iller
Wit the most sophisticated assassinators who stack figgaz
The Language is Pain, the clique is gang
On top I remain and that's simple and plain

(Chorus) Planet Asia

[Chace Infinite]
I'm stealing the win, something serious, a sinister blend
Like mixing warm milk and gin
Ya neva stomach to taste
Off balance wit the world on my face
Chace move like a Panther wit grace
Stay lace, smoke grass
Pour that eighth in the backwood then fumigate
Necessary to make, people to relate to the way
I perform on the stage and prepare for Doomsday
Wit marvelous insane you'll get hit what the tools spray
I could give a fuck what a fool say
I'm trying to bake until a nigga make cartoon cake
And sell like Cypress when they drop on Sunday
Inspired by the streets and alleys, not them runways
OG's in LA, Blacks, Whites and Ese's 
You fuck around and best believe today will be ya death day

(Chorus) Planet Asia