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Artist: Don Trip
Album:  Godspeed
Song:   Lil' Homie
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

My lil' homie he just came home from college, he just visitin'
Came home for Christmas, say his mom and them been missin' him
He not from the hood; say his folks ain't have to struggle
He ain't never sold no dope. He ain't never been in trouble
He just wanna hit the club and go kick it wit some bitches and they friends
He pull up in that new 550 Benz
This lil pretty, lil sexy sassy bitch actin' messy
Shakin' all up on Lil' Homie tryna make her nigga jealous
Now you know how niggas get; they put bitches over money
Now he hot, cuz his partner see this shit and think it's funny
Say "if homie think he fuckin', got another thing comin'"
Caught Lil' Homie in the club parkin' lot and started dumpin'

Dammit they just got Lil' Homie
They just ran up and just shot Lil' Homie
Goddamn say it's not Lil' Homie
Goddammit they just got Lil' Homie

I say dammit they just got my homie
They just ran up and just shot my homie
Goddamn say it's not my homie
Goddamn they just got my homie

I can't let it slide; they just gunned my homie down
We loadin' up the choppers bouta take a ride around
My lil' homie ain't no killa, he ain't neva crossed no nigga
He the type of cat that neva had no reason for no pistol
Met him back in high school; fuckin' wit his sister
I'm ill with that sack, but he was better with the dribble
And I just got a call, say some pussy nigga killed him
Caught him slippin' at the club and lit him up about some bitches
I just got another call, say they found where he stay
We pull up and pull them rockets out and em spray
Now I'm buggin' out. I can't even sleep
I just got another call that say he lived across the street

Damn I thought I got Lil' Homie
I thought I pulled up and just popped Lil' Homie
They say I ain't got Lil' Homie
I say Damn I thought I popped Lil' Homie

Damn I thought I shot Lil' Homie
That's because he shot my homie
But they say I ain't got Lil' Homie
Damn I thought I shot Lil Homie'

We Just went and crashed out
Prolly bodied everybody in the wrong house
Shit just made the news, said we just shot a baby
Damn... tell me anybody, not a baby
We just out for blood; we so trigger happy
Shootin' shit in broad day and hit some kid while she nappin'
We back in the hood braggin' 'fore we even knew what happened
We thought we got at Lil' Buddie, but we got the wrong addy
Detectives lookin' for me and it's over if they catch me
Send me up the river, there's a baby in a casket
Now the moral that we buggin' "We turned home into a hell"
We say "Black Lives Matter" we forgot to tell ourselves

All because they shot Lil' Homie
I say I'm buggin' cuz they popped Lil' Homie
Prolly my fault that they went and popped Lil' Homie
Dammit they just got Lil' Homie