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Artist: Don Trip
Album:  Godspeed
Song:   Nightmares
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Welcome to my nightmares [x3]

Rent 30 days late, gotta be gone by Saturday
Mama couldn't manage, where the fuck is my daddy?
Mama money funny like a motherfuckin parody
Teary eyed, runny nose, this time it ain't her allergies
Problem is we broke, an she can't handle it
And you can't fix your face to say you can relate, until you know
the value of a candelstick
Bundle up with us or freeze your ass off
We would've used the over door to warm us up
But they just turned the gas off
Shotgun duplex
All we had was us
Mama did everything she could but all she could still ain't enough
1207 Jeans I only dressed
I swear to death, I have nightmares of goin back
I'm wakin up in sweats
Let's get this check
Mama still in debt
Time to go collect
Until I got my pistol in my boxers I ain't fully dressed
I need more than a connect
I need a lottery
When I see 1207 on the clock, that shit bothers me
Might as well be Amstreet
I'm gon take this sack an grind it out
All I got is dope
I don't have a plan B
But we're not goin back to eatin potted meat and crackers to relax a
niggas stomach
Cause ain't nothin in the pantery
Time to get to steppin like a mother fuckin Jambery
I'm not what I plan to be
I lost all sight of sanity
I should enroll in counselin
But they ain't got no help for my addiction
I move mave with no perscription
On my block, I'm a physician
Try yo luck, I'm a magician
Let the choppa spaz
Wind up in a box, with yo tough ass cut in half
Polar bear heart
Cold and dark
You think you just a big fish
You dinner to a shark
Straight to the point
I'm flyer than a dart
And I keep the iron, man
Call me Tony Stark
They tryna pull me down but I keep poppin back up
Boy, I hope you brought your plunger, I'm that shit you can't flush

Welcome to my nightmares
Now welcome to my nightmare
Now welcome to my nightmare
Welcome to my nightmares
Welcome to my nightmares