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Artist: Don Trip
Album:  Godspeed
Song:   Wake Up
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Wake up, wake up, it's time to get me some money
Wake up, wake up, it's time to get me some money
I said wake up, wake up, it's time to get me some money
You gotta get up yo ass and get me some money

This place hit the bottom
Hope it land on my ass
Cause if I fall outta bed
I prolly land on some cash I ride in a whip
Time to give me some mo'
If the devil is knocking
I leave his ass at the door
They say yo lady be calling
I hit decline and ignore
You wanna hang with a nigga
Then lemme find you some rope
Might I add on the shit?
I'm not tryna glow I kiss my kids
‘fo I leave, I hope I don't die on the show
I put a price on yo head
You can die for the low
That's murder for sheep
I won't do no sleep Scoota art nas
Got me fuck with the dean I'ma money machine
A money money machine It's just me and my bruthes, no
Ain't no joining the team
I wink my eye at your bitch and her pussy jump out her jeans
I get straight to the paper
How dare you intervene?
I got a bust in my head
I hear this shit in my dreams
It be like

[Chorus x2]

O.k now
I'm on the move, I'm in pursuit
That money's my alarm
I don't ever press snooze I say I stick to that paper
I feel like a stick of glue
And if I stand on my money, I bunk my head on the roof
I got dirt on my hands, I got mud on my boots
The way I get to the check, my first words were swoosh
If ya really get in it, go head'
Show me the proof I got yo bitch and yo friends
And they all fit in the coupe
She gon' fuck who she wanna, that pussy get on the loose
I sit so high in the air, you gon' need more than the boots
All I'm talking is money, guess I'm not talking to you
Cause you cannot comprehend and you make less than I spend
I'm so close to Ben Franklin, you think I'm his next of kin
You content with yo business like being broke is a trend
But it's a deadly disease, no wonder I'm wearing free
I wake up every morning and give the mirror a speech I be like

[Chorus x2]