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Artist: Ice-T f/ Kryst (DV Alias Khryst), Smoothe Da Hustler (SMG)
Album:  Gangsta Rap
Song:   Everything is Going to be Alright
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[Intro: Ice-T]
[Kryst] Ummmmm..!
[Ice-T] The street is cold, Yah!
[Kryst] Awwww!
[Ice-T] Yeah, you know, kick some about these streets
[Kryst] Talk about it! talk about it!
[Ice-T] You know, Smoothe Da Hustler, Ice-T baby
[Kryst] Ummmmm..
[Smoot] You heard about him

[Chorus: Kryst]
Everything is going to be alright, everything is going to be alright!
Hay, everything is going to be okay, okay!
Just keep it fly, keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky!
It's going to be alright! Ummmm...
Hay, everything is going to be okay, everything is going to be okay!
Just keep it fly, keep your head to the sky ummmm..

[Verse One: Smoothe Da Hustler]
When you come, keep coming up this hard
Don't stop 'til you come up large, you hear me?
Wanna grind, get money, some'll blow your arts
First break, even deny your mark
Get set, get a plan, put the plan in action
I fell off route, goddamn, got jammed in traffic
I reversed the pump van ran it backwards
If shit ain't moving, gats spit, we're all was broke once
Some got it, some still getting it
Some lost it all, can't brought it painless
Hustlers, scramblers, burglars, gamblers, big pocket peddlers
Y'all remember this, when you do pill by them
Slow coasting, window cracked
Endo sack blowing, Benzo waxed
Make blowing, that's to get so black
Watch them pick grips up from their 'llacs

[Chorus: Kryst]

[Verse Two: Ice-T]
Keep it fly player, don't give up
When you hit the bottom, baby, that's time to get tough
I ain't no Hilton, kids left in the back of car
Eighty one Sedan, had to hit the streets and play
Maximize my hustle to the fullest, refuse to loose
Recognize that I must pay dues
Drama comes to everybody, it makes the weak get there
And makes the real get cold, and keep done then
I have my days of being broke; no mom, no dad
No sisters, no brothers, no lip, no pad
Like any other poor ghetto youth
I stepped my game up gangster, what's your excuse?
Nigga, I'ma tell you what to do; tighten up your crew
Loose them, weak bitches before they crush you too
Aim at the top and prepare for worst
Stuck up at the game like you're dying on earth

[Chorus: Kryst]

[Hook: Kryst]
When folks give up fellow, and your back is against the wall
Got to push them cause you feel, brothers so easy to fall up
But you gotta make moves, don't let nobody to tell you it ain't gonna happen
Cause everything is going to be alright
Everything is going to be alright!
When time has get rough and you ain't got money for rent
Everything is going to be okay!
When everything that you bought got lost cause the high you spent
Everything is going to be alright!
When you're struggling and hustling and it's just not working out
Everything is going to be okay!

[Chorus: Kryst]

[Ice-T:] Yeah, this is Big Iceberg
[Smooth] Yeah, this is Smoothe Da Hustler, you know
[Ice-T:] I'ma tell y'all like they told me
[Smooth] But this ain't family
[Ice-T:] It ain't about to come up, it's about to come back
[Smooth] Yeah, for real
[Ice-T:] So whatever you feel like, you're at your bottom
That's the time to pop your collars to crush them haters off
Yeah, and come back player
[Smooth] Let's show them how we do it
[Ice-T:] That's how real hustlers do
[Smooth] That's what I'm talking about, you know
[Ice-T:] Yeah
[Smooth] S-M-G for life, dog
[Ice-T:] It gets cold man to gain, but that's what you're in it for baby
[Smooth] In it to win it
[Ice-T:] Pass it down
[Smooth] No doubt!
[Ice-T:] Rolling across the rise of the lights
[Smooth] Got to stay ahead off it
[Ice-T:] Yeah, you know what we're talking about
[Smooth] By any means necessary
[Ice-T:] Yeah
[Smooth] Even if the necessary means needs..
[Ice-T:] You can do it man, please believe it, please believe it

[Outro: Smoothe Da Hustler]
Yeah, don't let nobody tell you man, you can't do what you do
Shake that nigga man, you gotta keep shaking the hating of us
What I tell them - Iceberg, Hustler
The young hustler, young players, keep your head up man!