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Artist: Ice-T f/ DJ Evil E the Great, Trigger Tha Gambler
Album:  Gang Culture (Recorded Live in Europe) *
Song:   Make The Loot Loop (Live)
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* Originally performed Live At The Miles Davis Hall, Montreux, Switzerland on July 10th, 1995

[Trigg] Get down, get down
[Ice-T] Here we go
[Trigg] Get down, get down
[Ice-T] Yeah, yeah, yeah, play the ride like that nigga
[Trigg] Come On!
[Ice-T] Hit it, hit it, hit
[Trigg] Get down, get down
[Ice-T] I bet they're feeling it
[Trigg] Everybody now, get down, get down

[Verse One: Ice-T]
I ain't no motherfucking gangster, wish you'd quit calling me that
Although I still pack straps, I roll in Benzes and Lacs
Best believe the gats in my promo shots ain't props
I hang out sunroof tops, and pop glocks at cops
(Yo, how you're living?)
On the mellow, cooling with my fellow
Hustlers, players, super bitch-layers
Macaronis on the true D.L. - hell, most
Fucking with my niggaz you could end up ghost (Come On!)
I made a million, got my shit out pawned
Bailed out the homies, now the shit's back on
Moved out the ghetto, cause I hate it
But I roll through your fucking hood and regulate it
Cause I wasn't born to be broke, I let the .4-5th smoke
Before I let my baby boy go under, no wonder
I'm addicted to the cash flow, stacks of green
Flashback, I'm nudging weights down the triple beam
I'ma make a Get down, get down

[Break #1]
[Ice-T] Let me here you all out there!
[Trigg] Come On! get down, get down, Say it
[Ice-T] Yeah, let me represent girls
[Trigg] Say it, Get down, get down, Yeah!
[Ice-T] Yeah!
[Trigg] Come On! everybody, get down, get down
[Ice-T] Yeah! yeah! yeah! let's fill this

[Verse Two: Ice-T]
I must admit, I got a lust for loot, quick to shoot
Ostrich, fruits and Austin Martin coupes
Fill my dreams with cream, I got wet sheets
I'm busting nuts over currency, kid, fuck freaks
We be the niggaz in the back of the club with the Mot
Bitches, shrimps, macking like pimps
Wearing fly shit you never seen before (RAW!!)
I turn an angel to a whore, now need I say more?
My perm got bounce, fuck a 40 ounce
I'm sipping Cristal, pal, and represent I shall
To the end of the game, this nigga Ice got fame
Just not over these beats, but on the 4-wheel streets
I make the loot loop

[Break #2]
[Ice-T] Get down, get down
[Trigg] Say it, Come On! everybody down
[Ice-T] Let me hear you all out there, come on! one more time
[Trigg] Get down, get down, Yo! in the back y'all
[Ice-T] Yeah! some old gangsters shit, check it out
[Trigg] Get down, get down HUH! yeah! say it in the back
[Ice-T] Get down, get down, Yeah! check it

[Verse Three: Ice-T]
Say what you will, I'm the fool on the hill
With the pool, Jacuzzi, laser-beam Uzi
Niggaz in L.A. know the Ice don't play
I'm just a savage for the cabbage and a pimp parlay
I rock a million with the jewels in the park (don't start)
Cause my niggaz ain't the big ones, just big guns
Pushing the limits of this game til I gets my piece
Put my true queen Darlene in a white Cor-niece
So stay broke if you wanna, hang out on your corner
Step back from the curb when we roll up on ya
Twenty black cars all tinted, we meant it
Syndicate forever; posse of the clever
Rubber-bands strap the fat green knots
A strict hustler not a gangster but I still lick shots
For the goal.. (Get down, Get down) Peace! I'm out like Nicole

[Break #3: DJ Evil E] HUH! Yeah!

Did you got some of that old slow gangster shit niggaz be riding to?
Get down, Get down, gangsters shit, you know..
How many people out there like guns?
They always tell me I rap about guns too much
How many people out there got a gun?
You got a gun? - You got a gun?
How many people out there like the group called Onyx?
What is the song I did dedicated to guns?
Ha ha ha, it's guns, gun record
And the hook is; I cramp your style, with a bullet and a smile
I cramp your style, with a bullet and a smile
Can you all say that? - I cramp your style, with a bullet and a smile
Yo, bring it in, this is for the gun totters out there