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Artist: Ice-T
Album:  O.G. Original Gangster
Song:   M.V.P.s
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[Intro: Ice-T Talking]
Yo, yo, what's up? this is MC Ice-T
I'm here to kick off the M.V.P.s. for the 90s
You know, I'm talking about my most valuable player buddies
You know, so I'ma drop them on you like this
Check it out

To the brothers who put me on in Hip-Hop
I'm talking bout Grandmaster Kazz, Grandmaster Melle Mel
Afrika Islam, Africa Bambaataa, Roger from Encore Jams out here in L.A.
The unknown DJ, and the man called AJ, used to run the Radio
Peace out, without you I wouldn't be getting it on
You know what I'm saying?, and y'all all are players (players, players)
To some of the rappers that gave me respect when others were dissing me
I'm talking bout the man Jah Lil, the One Extasy
And the man Grandmaster D, I'm talking bout Whodini
And also the Force MD
You treated a brother real cool back in the day
You know, I ain't forgot that, you know what I'm saying?
All those other rappers were treating me like suckers, FUCK THEM!!
Cause y'all are players
To RUN D.M.C. who kept rap alive when rap was about to take a dive
You know what I'm saying?
You are the kings of Rock, and peace out, y'all are players

[Break: Ice-T]
Players, players, straight up!!

To my true player buddies
I'm talking about Big Daddy Kane
You was a player to your motherfucking heart
Yeah, you know, you're my nigga, peace!!
To Biz Markie, yeaaaahh boy, you know the Biz
Remember back on the bus, when we had the bus and we was sharing it Biz?
Yeah, I ain't forgot it, you're my nigga, word
Eric B and Rakim and the man Ant, yeah
True niggaz with attitudes.. to King Sun, peace god
To Chuck, Flavor and Griff
Y'all are still one group as far as I'm concern
And you are true players
To KRS-One and D-Nice and Scott La-Rock
I talk to you every night Scott, you know what time it is
And the BDP posse, they're all players

[Break: Ice-T]
Players, players, that's right!!

To Luke Skyywalker and my man Marquis and Mr. Mixx
Keep it bumping down there in Miami, cause y'all are players
To the EPMD true players
To my man Moe Dee, Easy Lee and the whole crew
Y'all are players
To my man Daddy-O and the Set Posse, players
To MC Lyte and Queen Latifah
Two ladies that got all the Ice's respect
And that's right, that's right girls
Y'all are players (players, players)
To my west coast niggaz, I'm talking about Too $hort
Nigga, you're in the house, Short Dawg, peace out my man
That's right homeboy, cause you're a motherfucking player
To the AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted, I'm talking about Ice Cube
We always been cool and we will always be cool
Cause you're my main man, and you was a player
To Eazy-E, N.W.A. and The D.O.C.
There's a lot of static going on between you and Da Lench Mob
But I can't forget the days we used to all tour together
You know what I'm saying?
So you got my respect, and you're motherfucking players

Players, players

To my man King Tee, seemed like he can't think without a drink
But he's a player, he's a player, I got to admit it
Tila, you're a goddamn player
To Tone Loc, Boo Ya and the man Kid Frost
Y'all be out tearing up clubs literally, and you're true players
To the one and only Trigger Happy Geto Boys
It took along time and I was there I seen you brothers coming up
But now you're in motherfucking effect
And you're goddamn players (players, players, players)
Ha ha, to the Syndicate, too many to name
Y'all right here in the studio, so why I'ma name ya?
I'm looking right at ya
And y'all know I ain't even got to tell y'all, y'all are players
Peace out to my manager George
I taught you how to be a player, and you're doing well
To the Crime Crew, good to see y'all out of jail
And y'all are all players
Remember back in the day we used to rob jewelry stores together?
To the producers Afrika Islam, the one and only DJ Aladdin (Aladdin, Aladdin)
SLJ Rock bottom, and the man called Bilal
Peace out, y'all made this record hit and y'all players
Especial shout out is going out to the one and only MC Hammer
A lot of people dis you man, they just jealous..
Fuck them, fuck them, fuck them, fuck them, fuck them...