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Artist: Ice-T
Album:  O.G. Original Gangster
Song:   You Shoulda Killed Me Last Year
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Before I go I'd like to say a few things
This album was completed on January 15th. 1991
By now the war has probably started
And a whole bunch of people have probably died out there
In the desert over some bullshit
There's a war going on right now in my neighborhood
But I can't really determine which one is worse!
I think the one, that we are all fighting is fucked up
And that's the war inside our brains, you know
But uhh.. I feel bad about all the brothers and sisters
Whose getting pulled right out of their neighborhoods
An all the cities, and uhh.. small towns in America
That go over there and fight for that BULLSHIT!
That most of them don't really have anything to do with
So I gotta send PEACE Out! to them
Also PEACE Out! to all my homies in jail
Brothers that are dead, and locked up right here on earth
Talking about the brothers in Solidad, San Quentin
All the way up to Pelicans Bay, Tracy, Chino
And all my homeboys out there in the East Coast lockdown facilities
I'm talking about Clinton, Rykers, Jolead,
You know every prison in the whole fucking world, man
That's like, you know, all bullshit, you know
They say slavery has been abolished except for the convicted felony
Y'all need to think about that
That lets you know what the fucking constitution really is about, you know
A lot of my homeboys have been locked down my whole entire career
And that's some bullshit
So for them, from the Rhyme Syndicate and Ice-T
I'd like to send this special shout out

[Outro: Ice-T]
Fuck the police, Fuck the FBI, Fuck the DEA, Fuck the CIA
Fuck Tipper Gore, Bush and his cripple BITCH!
This is Ice-T, I'm out of here
Told you, you should have killed me last year!