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Artist: Ice-T f/ Special K (Treacherous Three)
Album:  O.G. Original Gangster
Song:   Street Killer
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[Ice-T Impersonating L.A.P.D. Officer Johnson]
Okay, check this out!
I got crazy posse
I got the stupidest motherfucking posse in the whole goddamn city
You fuck with me, I'll snatch you out your car
Right in front of your goddamn bitch and beat you down right there
I got more guns than anybody, I got crazy guns
You know.. I got homeboys on motorcycles
And when we come we wearing our blue, you know what I'm saying?
And I'll beat your fucking ass
Don't nobody call me by my name cause they'll get smacked the fuck up!
You know, you can't put me in jail, you can't even fuck with me
Cause I'm the craziest motherfucker on the street
Don't nobody want none of this, you know what I'm saying?
Cause if you fuck with me or any of my friends
You'll get killed, point blank!!

(*Door Knocked*)

[Outro: Special K as an Internal affairs Officer]
Excuse me Officer Johnson, Internal Affairs
We'd like to have a few words with you