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Artist: Ice-T
Album:  VI: Return of the Real
Song:   Haters 
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[Ice-T impersonating his player haters]
Yo nigga, this club is whack as shit
Word man, make shit as bullshit
I'm telling you man
Ain't nothing up in here but some buster-ass niggaz
Man, fuck these niggaz, right fuck them
These scary ass whores ain't trying to give a nigga no rhythm
Fucking ass bitch, fuck these bitches
Let me stop this bitch here
I ain't supposed to know that's a fucking wig
Tired ass bitch, bitch got weaves and shit
Trife ass, whore ass, bitch
All these niggaz up in here ain't nothing but some motherfucking marks
Fuck them, right, fuck these niggaz
Ain't that, that yellow nigga Ice-T?
Fuck him, hell yeah, punk ass bitch
That nigga doesn't know nobody
Who the fuck the motherfucker thinks he is?
Fuck him, that nigga got all jewels and shit like the nigga can't get got
Suck my dick! I give a FUCK man!
Nigga we should get that nigga right now, man
Let that nigga know what fucking time it is!