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Artist: Ice-T f/ San Man
Album:  Return of the Real Promotional CD
Song:   I Must Stand (Video Clean Edit) 
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[Verse One: Ice-T]
Just a kid, moms died when I was seven
Pops died eleven, what's up with heaven?
It's hell; when you're an orphan at an early age
It's an impressionable stage, no love breeds rage
In the heart of a child, who never knew his roots
Looked up to pimps and the hustlers in the Eel-skin boots
Parking Caddies on the sidewalk, gangster talk
Trucking diamonds and gold, Rubberbands around the bankrolls
Fly girls to make your head spin
Seemed they partied all day long, I was like 'Put me on!'
But they said: "Little fellow, run and go play
Take your butt to school or else you'll have to be like us one day"
I didn't understand, but I tried to get a job
While all the players got the girls cause they'd hustle and rob
I was like making about 1-50 a week
And after taxes, you know what that is; lunch meat

[Chorus: San Man]
Lot of my peeps didn't have very much opportunities
Is that the way it suppose to be?
But I must stand, I was born this way
I am a blackman
Lot of my peeps didn't have very much opportunities
Is that the way it suppose to be?
But I must stand, I was born this way
A proud blackman

[Ice-T Overlapping the above Chorus]
And I know I can be better than this
I can get me a car man, I can get a girl
I know I can do it out there, man
I'm finna go for it man, I gotta get some money, Word!

[Verse Two: Ice-T]
Streets is anger, trouble and crime
I had it hard, had to sleep in my car sometime
But I never let another player see me down
I kept my front up, my gear clean
Even when checking minor green
Brothers knew my game was true
So I hooked up with the real crew
That knew exactly what to do
Bank jobs and jewels, quick to flex with tools
Pimping whores on the block, checking cash non-stop
Crack spots, armor with interior bars
No lie, I used to own about fifteen cars
Every piece Fila® made, drape my women in suede
Pavet Piaget®, Cesar's Palace holidays
It was on, crazy out of control
We made up the word 'Balling', that was how we roll
But the FBI had a-whole-another idea
It's called multiple indictments for hundreds of years

[Chorus: San Man]

[Ice-T Overlapping the above Chorus]
What? Daff is dead?
Carter got 25 years?
Nah, Spike 35 to life?
Nah, don't tell me B.O.'s dead, man
I don't wanna hear that, man
I was just with him

[Verse Three: Ice-T]
The game is vicious, no retirements, you die young
Listen to a fake, he might tell you to grab a gun
I get phone calls from condemned row
Brothers I ran with, brothers I really know
They tell me: "Ice you got much love in the pen'
You're the one that got away, don't wanna see you in"
They tell me: "Tell the little homies the deal
Don't have them come up in this hellish habitat of shanks and steels"
I marched two million strong in D.C.
Looking eye to eye with brothers that I used to think below me
Damn, my mind was twisted in my hustling days
But God spared me, I got a baby son to raise
And being black ain't easy, prejudice as real
But health and liberty is all we need for us to build
We gotta come together, unseparated
Check yourself like I did, blackman because we're all related

[Chorus: San Man]

[Outro: Ice-T overlapping the chorus]
Yeah, this song is going out to all my brothers
Black, Latino, Asian, Iranian, anybody out there 
that feels the way I feel about the situation that's going on out there
A lot of little homies out there might think I'm coming at you soft
This record will make a lot of sense fear
When you're on that great coast on up to the penitentiary route  
So I'ma say it now, hopefully these words will echo in your mind
Peace! Ice-T, Ninety Six, Return of the Real!
We must stand, Damn! Damn! Damn!