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Artist: Ice-T  
Album:  The Seventh Deadly Sin
Song:   Common Sense
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It starts like this 
Gats hit harder than fists 
Just cock and lick it 
The aftermath's wicked 
Brass gets evicted 
Another crew shot 
Can't put your strap back in your waist 
Cause your barrel's too hot 
You did it kid 
The more dead 
The more weight on your head 
Plus you ganked a suitcase 
Full of black tar H 
Baby boy, twenty keys 
Dead Colombian Gs 
Now you're ballin full speed 
One slip you bleed 
You had your nigga with you 
Hard rock street gorilla hitter 
He took a hot one in the shoulder 
Now he's bendin over 
Mad illegal 
Nigga flipped harder than Buggsy Segal 
He wet the room up with the rocket launchin 
Desert eagle 
Blood oozin through his black dickies 
Ya nigga say he's getting dizzy 
The car seat's fuckin getting sticky 
He leaned back, his whole chest plate's cracked 
You thought they hit him once 
He must of got double clapped 
Your niggas dyin but he ain't cryin 
Soldier no doubt 
He looked you dead in the eye 
Said "get that money" checked out 
Ballin bent him back in the black 
S T S but where he's going no stress 
Your niggas dead, but you're thinkin bout head 
Fly hoes and condos 
Once you flip the kilos 
The fact your niggas out aint shit to ya 
More profit for your greedy ass 
No one to split the grip wit ya 

Common sense will keep you safer than vests 
Ambulance, cots, cause real niggas give head shots 
LA streets will make your guts leak 
Player no doubt 
Young killers live for drug wars and shoot outs 

You flipped your chip 
Motorola, called your hooker 
Said you had a little foul up 
Told the ho to wet some towels up 
She didn't even talk 
Clicked the phone off 
Might a new some weak niggas 
But this bitch aint soft 
Make your next call 
Straight to your chicano connect 
Said they would flip the boy for girl 
Up the weight, give you Peruvian flake 
You had to dump the body, 
Burned it beyond recognition 
Back back in commission 
Scooped your hooker, cleaned your seats off 
Squeezed off 
Two in her head 
Now the fuckin bitch is dead 
You're all alone just how you liked it 
Straight laced hustler from hell 
Street life you spiked it
It's time to hook up with the mexicanos 
Layin in the Dooly parking lot of a McDonalds 
Hit the corner they was there 
You're prepared 
Circled the block, screwed your silencer on 
Rock the esse they had 
Kickin back to get ya 
Crept on the dropped truck 
Double crossin ducks got bucked 
Check the back of the cab 
Suckas had the fuckin math 
Ten more keys of uncut pure cash (Yes!) 
Now your weighin thirty full keys 
Of girl and the pony 
Jumped for your lack 
Hit the yack threw your head back 
The big time is what you wanted 
And now you got it 
The devil put the strap in your palm 
And you shot it 


It's going down now 
On forever 
Square life is never 
Buck wildin is your life stylin 
Mashed out 
Hit a motel room 
Crashed out 
Called up a ho to get your dick sucked though 
Bad bitch phat backs green contacts 
Real hair, kept her feet all night in the air 
Kind of square 
Said she only worked the streets a week 
Said her boyfriend kicked her out 
And she needed to eat 
She cuddled to you like a baby 
Keep the girl mabey 
The pussy was tighter than fuck drove you crazy 
She kissed you on your chest and legs 
Asked you to fuck her in the ass 
Then she started to beg 
It kind of got you open, no doubt 
When baby doll fell asleep, with your dick in her mouth 
Now you're layin there, lookin at the motel door 
Hand on your strap, some beautiful whore 
You fuckin relaxed, fell a fuckin sleep bad move 
Big game take little game, show and prove 
Baby jumped up, went for the strap 
Dumped off 
Three shots in your face
Grabbed the sutcase 
Don't forget, grab the blow then jet 
Before that ho hit the door she sipped a glass of Moet 
Street life sabatoge 
Niggas wanna live large 
Demon ho out for cheddar 
Capped you with your own Berreta