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Artist: Ice-T f/ Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler
Album:  SMG: The Rap Repossession 
Song:   Mama Says a Prayer
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[Intro: Appeared as kids]
[Smooth] What's up Ice?
[Ice-T:] What's up Smoothe?
[Smooth] All this drugs and gangs..
[Ice-T:] I know that!
[Smooth] How the kids suppose to grow up in the neighborhood like this?
[Ice-T:] Yeah man, this shit is crazy!

[Chorus: Both X3]
Mamma says a prayer for me
Cause the devil made plans I ain't prepared to see
He forced me to turn my back on life and face death
A path; I ain't trying to take yet

[Verse One: Smoothe Da Hustler]
I asked my grandmother, why we can't stand one another
If brothers killing brothers, and the government's stealing from us
I wonder why was the AIDs made!
Howcome I get mad when I blaze my gauge?
This government got us like amounts of maids
You say; Money is the root of all evil; and you rule the world
Howcome you letting it destory our people?
They say, each one teach one, so it's time for me to preach one
So I can carry on, long enough, for me to reach me
I'm one of a kind, paint a picture, mentally for the blind 
Came to give the speech to a million, at the time
Don't know why I see you people got a dime, stand in line 
You came to me at seven, told me I'll be the sun that shines
Howcome, every cause there's an effect, like abuse and neglect
That's why some kids refuse to respect
But I can't tell, you gave us nine stages to see if we're found
And the devil gave us twelve, three enter stages to hell 


[Verse Two: Trigger Tha Gambler]
I don't know what it is, I moved forward in the opposite direction
I do good but seems like everything bad happens
Do bad for some reason I feel glad after
But ain't nothing funny, I kill that laughter 
Dudes wanna see me broke, or stressed out with tubes in me
Cause they see me on the 'Tubes stretched out with two slimies
Who of any got the nuts?
The gun wrestler or the bunch of pussies that come to get fucked
So who coming with us?
I got guns, lots of them, and I ain't worried about your vest
Cause it ain't gonna stop none of them
Moved my fame, lost my son's mammas
He's rolling with daddy now, so he under's the arms
Schooling him, show him how to maneuver through the sewer
Chewing him, slow him down to be smoother, doing it
So how you think I'ma let you step in and ruin it?
NO! FUCK YOU! you ain't ruin this shit
She wants his clip, she wants his dick
A pistol with fist would grew in this strip
Held me down nine years, who wanna trip?
Now the moment is near you asked; how this nigga is so foul?
As foul as this nigga is, how near is the moment now


[Verse Three: Ice-T]
I wish I can get a prayer from you, mamma, but you passed away
When I was just seven, and life has been cold
Daddy died when I was eleven years old
Why they get dealt this hand, goddamn this raw?
I spent most of my life trying to out smart the law
I didn't choose this game, this fucking game chose me
Now it's got me in the mix, sitting loading my clips
Some niggaz said they're gonna take off on side
Told me to watch my back, showed him load in my macks
Never underestimate the man with a gun
All threats is real, hold your steel
Them cards would content to leave you on the pavement
Mamma, I don't even know what the beef is about
Said I've hollered there at one of their whores, Fuck them!
Dick suckers gonna recognize I ain't no trip
Tonight I'm rose dolo, I do rock the clip
Let them know that I ain't the one to fuck with
Mamma, a nigga ain't proud of this
But I'm just trying to eat, there's hell in these streets
These niggaz wanna turn me back to the white meat
Got a raw heart tonight, mamma, it's true
But if not, I'll be coming to you 
Gotta kill these haters before they ski-mask you
And as for your blessings, I ain't gonna ask you, mamma!