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Artist: Ice-T f/ Deuce Fever, Mark Live, Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler
Album:  SMG: The Rap Repossession 
Song:   Radio Play
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[Intro: Opening Skit]
[Trigger] Damn man, what the fuck is going on with this shit? 
[Smooth:] I don't know y'all!
[Trigger] Every fucking time I turn the Radio on it's the same shit
[Smooth:] True, true!
[Trigger] And I know our shit is AT LEAST as good as this!
[Smooth:] Of course, nigga, come on!! man
[Trigger] So what the fuck is that about?
[Smooth:] Nigga, it's punks playing punks!
[Trigger] It must be some politic shit, man
[Smooth:] That's why, they're trying to get that together
[Trigger] Yeah, yeah, that what it is
[Smooth:] FUCK them niggaz!!
[Trigger] Some paying off under the table shit
[Smooth:] For real, man, that what it is
[Trigger] Fuck that!!

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]
Tell me what; a nigga gotta do to get some radio play?
Who I gotta kill; who I got to spray?
Do I gotta run up in your crib today?
Tell me what; a nigga gotta do to get some radio play?
Who I gotta shoot; who I got to spray?
Do I gotta run up in your Station today?

Do I gotta come up there with my tech out, blow the PD's neck out?
Pay off the jocks, show you all my glocks
You don't really need skills to motor rock the mic
Do I need rented cars and whores and videos by Ike?

[Trigger Tha Gambler]
Or do we gotta blackout in the club, give out fake hugs? 
Throw blocks through your head, while you're sitting on dubs?
Or stroke the Radio Station, just to get love?
Or warrant my Rap down, cause you're scared of a thug?

Or maybe we just need more ice, yeah, jewelry work
For some free giveaway shit, yeah, silk stream jerks
Or just hook the players, No! that's not reality
Maybe we just need to fuck some on air personality

[Trigger Tha Gambler]
Or do we have to wear Chinesse Suits, or dance in a group?
Or live by the gimmick, cop another dog's goof?
Put a banded on our faces, find the Lord like Mase?
Or stab the CEO and catch a felony case?

[Interlude #1: Radio Station CEO]
[CEO:] How about getting Jermaine Dupri to produce to you?
[All:] We're not trying to hear that shit!!
[CEO:] How about some of those Cadillac trucks?
[All:] We're not trying to hear that shit!!
[CEO:] How about some of those big butt girls from the hood?
[All:] We're not trying to hear that shit!!
[CEO:] I don't understand, everybody is doing it?
[All:] We're not trying to hear that shit!!
[CEO:] What's the problem with you, guys?

[Chorus: Ice-T]

[Smoothe Da Hustler]
What's the guidelines to getting me signed? it's type for me
Should I strike when I recite and let you write for me?
Do I mute out what I feel, to make you feel like P. Diddy?
Even if nobody is feeling that bullshit!

[Deuce Fever]
Whack ass DJ; do I gotta crack your skull
Reach in your stomack, and pull out your gull
Bladder, your weak ass rep don't matter
I'm tired of hearing a bitch chits chatter

[Smoothe Da Hustler]
Or what about going commerical, sing hooks, make happy songs?  
To rap about our glasses and fashion, COME ON!!
Designer clothes, cars, and jewelry, don't fuck with me 
I'll have your DJs spinning my shit in the clubs for free

[Mark Live]
Yo, do I need to roll 22s to be a big dog
Buy your ass joints that may drowse to sound like your boss
Get my Afghan, Taliban kids at your door 
Blow your Station up, drop a bomb, exploding your car

[Chorus: Ice-T]

[Interlude #2: Radio Station CEO]
Okay, first thing you gotta know; is I understand Hardcore
I got an idea; I got this tattoo guy, back here in my office
He's gonna tattoo SMG, right across all you guys' foreheads
It's gonna be big, we're gonna put it all over the 'burb cities
All over the inner cities, all over the country, it's gonna be big! 
Than I got a better idea; a collaboration with this guy called The Naked Cowboy
He plays guitar, buttnaked in Timesquare, everbody knows him, it's gonna be big 
S-M-G and The Naked Cowboy, I can see it now
We can be opening for Britney Spears in no time 
Also I know some of them amazing guys, they'll come through
They'll get on this record, I can have this record going through the roof 
Damn! where.. where you guys going? 
Aiy, wait a minute, hold up, I mean, aiy listen
I thought you wanna give me some airplay

[Chorus: Ice-T]