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Artist: South Central Cartel + more *
Album:  South Central Cartel Presents: Murder Squad Nationwide
Song:   No Peace
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* Ant Banks, Boss, Dori, Ice-T, Powerlord JEL, Spice-1, Treach

[Intro: Dori]
Everytime I cut on my TV; one of my black brothers has been smoked
And they say it's a truce; Look! they don't want No Peace!

[Prodeje - South Central Cartel]
Hanging on the back streets, chilling with the OGs
S.C. to the grave and it's on for the OZs
Young brothers wanna run up, better put your guns up
Prodeje'll get your punk-ass done up
Cartel ain't tripping, Prodeje's never slipping
When all the BGs started riffing
Where you from fool? - it's the same game
Buck Buck from the nines everyday, it's the same thang

[Young Prodeje - South Central Cartel]     
Raised on the South Central blocks
No P-E-A-C-E (POW!!) from another glock
As I moved from the M-U-R-D-E-R Squad
Freeze up, Gs up (WHY?) gangsters living hard
Young Prod' don't slow down; the old fashioned hold down
Roadies and moonkeys, so why should I stop now?
Right now, I'm on top and don't wanna fall
No Peace! on my streets so that makes it hard

[Havoc - South Central Cartel]
I keep my black glock COCKED! 
As I bail down your block; buck seventeen shots (BOO YAA!)
One Eighty Seven dropped death row fool on a solo
Khakis on Ya-Yo (Where you from Hav?) -- The South Central
Trizzip the rizzip, cause I..
G-slide as reward the Westside you died
(No Peace) as I clump (Run Punk!) it's a smoke
Gs rule the streets (Really Dough!) I'ma Loc 
As I crip to a Blood and I blood to a Crip
Get your ass straight ripped by the Squad if you set-trip -- Fool!

I've been waiting down for a long time
Long crime, long ends, long cash, you're talking about mine?
Kid, you did a bid and you came home coquette
You're twenty three baby boy, you're talking about O.G.
HUH! I'm thirty four, I use gats to score
Gag and tying whores in the backs of the jewellery stores
G-rides, I'm talking about two, thought you knew
One to work with, one to ride on to the crew
But nowadays brothers wanna flip, set-trip
It ain't even Bloods, it's straight Crips killing Crips

[Powerlord JEL - Rhyme Poetic Mafia]
Lord JEL ain't never gonna cease
Cause I guess my peace; like shooting from the back seat
When I'm in my ride, I'm coming out to come and pay you chumps
Powerlord is packing fifty rounds for you little punks
When it's on, you hear my crew coming through
Won't be in red or a brother that's ragging blue
Cause I just flex and break necks
Cause my sets are all Mexicans so don't forget

[Chorus: Dori] X2
Oh! they don't want 'No Peace' for a brother
The brothers in the streets don't want No Peace!

[Spice 1 - The Dangerous Crew] 
Smoking up on a bomb
I keep my calm, trying not to be a villain
Trying to keep my cool like an O.G. when fools yelling
Oh! what should I do?
Cause there's a buster in the crowd talking bad about my whole crew
I'm ready to do a walk-by at my own show
On these fools in the audience cause they don't know
How to act and enjoy themselves
So let the pigs come along and destroy the sets
Smog down the block, I gotta carry a nine
Cause niggaz don't want No Peace, they wanna jack for mine
But I'm a G like this song
So I take a gangster hit from the bong -- and parlay

[Ant Banks - T.W.D.Y.]
They don't want 'No Peace' so I'ma pack a piece
Rolling way deep in the cut on the back streets
Mobbing with my homies, everybody is strapped
Cause there's always a fool trying to peel your cap
But in Oakland; they ain't really tripping on the blue or the red
Just get caught slipping, catch two to the head
They don't want 'No Peace' man, they want funk
So let it jump, young punk, you can pop the trunk
And let freedom reign like it should be
Twenty years in the pen, it's all good G
Now, what I'm saying is you don't have to fade your brothers
Be a G and stop going out like suckers

It's that chick they call B-O-to the double dollar sign
They don't want 'No Peace' F-A-G
Only dollar minds and nine millimeter
Then again I be packing all sorts of clips
Roll up and shoot you off on your own front porch and trip
It's unfortunate, dig it, the rules of survival
Loc-up and smoke-up; for that sucker gets be a rival 
The psycho passed the rocks, get my kill on, beef is still on
And I think is that you picked the wrong-ass chick on the peace song
Get up out the dodge, if you're stepping to the Murder Squad
On the nine five, bring it on, face to face and..
Boss stepped out, I'm leaving a shout-out to the Organization

[Treach - Naughty By Nature]
Yo! P.E.A.C.E some kid done hit; slit down the razer blade
Then landed in an alcohol river
Now that ass in some trouble, I stubble out with a trigger
Clenches to get some britches in a new day and a new way
So mother motherfuck what the news say
The lesser rising brothers got no kind of danks
Forget running our hoods; our hoods are running fucking banks
It's stolen tanks, or rolling thicker than that stank
Looking to rank, huh! huh! you think we ain't?
This is the Killa Cali' Rally and the East Coast connection
Invasion - taking over this nation
This stolen country had better get real
Before our kids start practicing drive-bys on big wheels
On big wheels.. on big wheels

[Chorus: Dori X2]