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Cypress Hill || Black Sunday || III (Temples of Boom)
Unreleased and Revamped || The Psycho Realm: Psycho Realm
IV || Los Grandes Exitos en Español
Skull and Bones (One || Two) || Stoned Raiders
Till Death Do Us Part || Sen Dog: Diary of a Mad Dog
B-Real: Smoke N Mirrors || Rise Up
Remix/B-Side/Soundtrack || Miscellaneous

Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill (1991) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Pigs
2 How I Could Just Kill a Man
3 Hand on the Pump
4 Hole in the Head
5 Ultraviolet Dreams
6 Light Another
7 The Phuncky Feel One
8 Break It Up
9 Real Estate
10 Stoned is the Way of the Walk
11 Psycobetabuckdown
12 Something for the Blunted
13 Latin Lingo
14 The Funky Cypress Hill S---
15 Tres Equis
16 Born to Get Busy

Cypress Hill - Black Sunday (1993) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 I Wanna Get High
2 I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
3 Insane in the Brain
4 When the S--- Goes Down
5 Lick a Shot
6 Cock the Hammer
7 Lock Down
8 3 Lil' Putos
9 Legalize It
10 Hits From the Bong
11 What Go Around Come Around, Kid
12 A to the K
13 Hand on the Glock
14 Break 'Em Off Some

Cypress Hill - III: Temples of Boom (1995) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Spark Another Owl
2 Throw Your Set in the Air
3 Stoned Raiders
4 Illusions
5 Killa Hill Niggas
6 Boom Biddy Bye Bye
7 No Rest for the Wicked
8 Make a Move
9 Killafornia
10 Funk Freakers
11 Locotes
12 Red Light Visions
13 Strictly Hip Hop
14 Let it Rain
15 Everybody Must Get Stoned
* Smuggler's Blues

Cypress Hill - Unreleased and Revamped (1996) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Fugees Remix)
2 Throw Your Hands in the Air
3 Intellectual Dons
4 Hand on the Pump (Muggs' Blunted Mix)
5 Whatta You Know
6 Hits From the Bong (T-Ray's Mix)
7 Illusions (Q-Tip Remix)
8 Latin Lingo (Prince Paul Mix)
9 When the Ship Goes Down (Remix)

The Psycho Realm - Psycho Realm (1997) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Psycho City Blocks
2 Showdown
3 The Big Payback
4 Premonitions
5 Stone Garden
6 Temporary Insanity
7 Confessions of a Drug Addict
8 Bullets
9 Love from the Sick Side
10 R. U. Experienced
11 Psyclones
12 Lost Cities
13 La Connecta Pt. 1
14 La Connecta Pt. 2

Cypress Hill - IV (1998) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Looking Through the Eye of a Pig
2 Checkmate
3 From the Window of My Room
4 Prelude to a Come Up
5 Riot Starter
6 Audio X
7 Steel Magnolia
8 I Remember That Freak Bitch
9 (Goin' All Out) Nothin' to Lose
10 Tequila Sunrise
11 Dead Men Tell No Tales
12 Feature Presentation
13 Dr. Greenthumb
14 16 Men Tilll There's No Men Left
15 High Times
16 Clash of the Titans
17 Lightning Strikes

Cypress Hill - Los Grandes Exitos en Español (1999) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Yo Quiero Fumar
2 Loco en el Coco
3 No Entiendes la Onda
4 Dr. Dedoverde
5 Latin Lingo
6 Puercos
7 Marijuano Locos
8 Tú No Ajaunta
9 Ilusiones
10 Muévete
11 No Pierdo Nada
12 Tequila (Tequila Sunrise)
13 Tres Equis
14 Siempre Peligroso

Cypress Hill - Skull & Bones (2000) BUY NOW!
Disc One Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Another Victory
3 (Rap) Superstar
4 Cuban Necktie
5 What U Want From Me
6 Stank Ass Hoe
7 Highlife
8 Certified Bomb
9 Can I Get a Hit
10 We Live This S---
11 Worldwide
* Do You Know Who I Am

Cypress Hill - Skull & Bones (2000) BUY NOW!
Disc Two Lyrics
1 Valley of Chrome
2 Get Out of My Head
3 Can't Get the Best of Me
4 A Man
5 Dust
6 (Rock) Superstar
* Jack You Back

Cypress Hill - Stoned Raiders (2001) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Trouble
3 Kronologik
4 Southland Killers
5 Bitter
6 Amplified
7 It Ain't Easy
8 Memories
9 Psychodelic Vision
10 Red, Meth & B
11 Lowrider
12 Catastrophe
13 L.I.F.E.
14 Here is Something You Can't Understand
* Weed Man

Cypress Hill - Till Death Do Us Part (2004) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Another Body Drops
2 Till Death Comes
3 Latin Thugs
4 Ganja Bus
5 Busted in the Hood
6 Money
7 Never Know
8 Last Laugh
9 Bong Hit
10 What's Your Number?
11 Once Again
12 Number Seven
13 One Last Cigarette
14 Street Wars
15 Till Death Do Us Part
16 Eulogy

Sen Dog - Diary of a Mad Dog (2008) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Fumble
2 Capo
3 Biggy Bang
4 Hard in the Paint
5 Graceful
6 Juggernaut
7 Backin' Up My Gang
8 Don't Sleep in the Streets
9 The Sicko
10 International
11 Hell and Back
12 What You Wanna Do
13 Hood Rat Love
14 Stand Up
15 Curtain Call

B-Real - Smoke N Mirrors (2009) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Smoke N Mirrors
2 Gangsta Music
3 Don't Ya Dare Laugh
4 Everything U Want
5 6 Minutes
6 Psycho Realm Revolution
7 Fire
8 10 Steps Behind
9 Get That Dough
10 Dr. Hyphenstein
11 Stack'n Paper
12 1 Life
13 Dude Vs. Homie
14 When They Hate You
15 When We're F---ing

Cypress Hill - Rise Up (2010) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 It Ain't Nothin'
2 Light It Up
3 Rise Up
4 Get it Anyway
5 Pass the Dutch
6 Bang Bang
7 K.U.S.H.
8 Get 'Em Up
9 Carry Me Away
10 Trouble Seeker
11 Take My Pain
12 I Unlimited
13 Armed & Dangerous
14 Shut 'Em Down
15 Armada Latina

Lyrics Album
Child of the West Blade II Soundtrack
Lunatics in the Grass Bulworth Soundtrack
The Last Assassin The Cable Guy Soundtrack
Crossfire Freak Tha Funk 12"
Roll it Up Friday Soundtrack
Get the Fist Get the Fist Movement
Cisco Kid How High Soundtrack
Case Closed IV (Import)
Tequila Sunrise (Spanish) IV (International)
Ice Cube Killa Ice Cuba Killa 12"
I'm Still #1 In Tha Beginning ...
Mary Jane Judgment Night Soundtrack
Real Thing Judgment Night Soundtrack
Shoot 'Em Up Juice Soundtrack
Stoned is the Way.. (Remix) Latin Lingo 12"
Latin Thugs (Clean Version) Latin Thugs 12"
Latin Thugs (Radio Edit) Latin Thugs 12"
Can't Stop Won't Stop Live at the Fillmore (Europe)
Puppet Master Muggs * Soul Assassin
Don't Trip Muggs * Soul Assassin II
Can I Live Oz Soundtrack
Faded Prohibition *
Shatter Prohibition *
Strong Prohibition *
Hit 'em High Space Jam Soundtrack
Men of Steel Steel Soundtrack
Still More Bounce Still More Bounce (Comp.)
Laugh Now Stimulated Vol. 1
Can You Handle This Tequila Sunrise (Single)
Tequila Sunrise (Radio Edit) Tequila Sunrise 12"
Tequila Sunrise (Remix Radio) Tequila Sunrise 12"
Tequila Sunrise (Uncensored) Tequila Sunrise 12"
Greed Training Day soundtrack
Scooby Doo We Ain't Goin Out 12"
Ready to Die What's Your Number? 12"
Just Another Victim (Tazz Theme) WWE Forcible Entry

Lyrics Artist
A to the K Akrobatik
Body Something The Alchemist
Shoot First Apathy
F--- Out My Face A$AP Ferg
Beat Goes On Travis Barker
So What'cha Want (Remix) Beastie Boys
Wishful Thinking Big Pun
Real 911 Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.
Last Laugh Chino XL
Latinos Stand Up (Part 2) Chino XL
I'm a Rhydah Code Blue
Come Around (B-Real Remix) Collie Buddz
E.T. Curren$y
American Psycho II D12
Ain't Got No Class Da Lench Mob
Get Hi Danny Brown
Peer Pressure De La Soul
Shed a Tear Delinquent Habits
Underground Connection Delinquent Habits
Rat Trap 666 Die Antwoord
No Retreat Dilated Peoples
Battle of 2001 DJ Muggs
Lions in the Forest DJ Muggs & Planet Asia
Pain Language (Remix) DJ Muggs & Planet Asia
Fandango DJ Quik
Just Like You Down/Kilo
East Coast/West Coast Killas Dr. Dre
East Coast/West Coast Killas (Remix) Dr. Dre
Deadly Assassins Everlast
Back the F--- Up Fear Factory
Find Us (Remix) F.I.L.T.H.E.E. Immigrants
Dear Mr. President Fredwreck
Wopbabalubop Funkdoobiest
Real Life Guru
Black Cadillac Hollywood Undead
Put Your Head Out House of Pain
Amputated Saint Ill Bill
Kill Devil Hills Ill Bill
Put it Down Kottonmouth Kings
Ridin' High Kottonmouth Kings
Quarterback Lil' Phat
Pass Me By MC Eiht
Tha Way We Run It MC Eiht
Hypest From Cypress Mellow Man Ace
Xplosion OutKast
Champions PMD
High Rollers Proof
R.I.P. Raekwon
The Sickside Sick Jacken
Crazy Slaine
Vato Snoop Dogg
Vato (Unofficial Remix) Snoop Dogg
Overdose Statik Selektah
SmokeFest 1999 Tash
Hit This Tony Touch
U Know the Rules Tony Touch
Killafornia Transplants
Not Today Transplants
Get U Down Part 2 Warren G
Crazy Xzibit
Killer's Remorse Xzibit