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Venni Vetti Vecci || The Murderers || Rule 3:36
Pain Is Love || The Last Temptation || Blood in My Eye
R.U.L.E. || Exodus || PIL 2
Remix/B-Side/Soundtrack || Miscellaneous

Ja Rule - Venni Vetti Vecci (1999) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 The March Prelude
2 We Here Now
3 World's Most Dangerous
4 Let's Ride
5 Holla Holla
6 Kill 'Em All
7 I Hate Niggaz (Skit)
8 Nigguz Theme
9 Suicide Freestyle
10 Story to Tell
11 Chris Black (skit)
12 Count on Your Nigga
13 It's Murda
14 E-Dub & Ja
15 187 Murda Baptiss Church (skit)
16 Murda 4 Life
17 Daddy's Little Baby
18 Race Against Time
19 Only Begotten Son
20 The Murderers

Irv Gotti presents The Murderers (2000) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Murderers
3 Dem Niggaz
4 We Don't Give a F---
5 Clowns (Skit)
6 S--- Gets Ugly
7 We Murderers Baby
8 Interview with Vita (Skit)
9 Vita, Vita, Vita
10 How Many Wanna Die
11 F--- Parole (Skit)
12 We Getting High Tonight
13 Tales From the Darkside
14 I Love the Yankees (Skit)
15 Get it Right
16 We Different
17 Remo (Skit)
18 Rebels Symphony
19 Black or White
20 The 187 Murda.. (Skit)
21 If You Were My Bitch
22 96R-0709
23 Crime Scene
24 Somebody's Gonna Die Tonight
25 Holla Holla (Remix)

Ja Rule - Rule 3:36 (2000) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Watching Me
3 Between Me and You
4 Put it On Me
5 6 Feet Underground
6 Love Me, Hate Me
7 Die
8 F--- You
9 I'll F--- U Girl (Skit)
10 Grey Box (Skit)
11 Extasy
12 It's Your Life
13 I Cry
14 One of Us
15 Chris Black (Skit)
16 The Rule Won't Die

Ja Rule - Pain Is Love (2001) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Pain Is Love (Skit)
2 Dial M for Murder
3 Livin' it Up
4 The Inc.
5 Always On Time
6 Down Ass Bitch
7 Never Again
8 Worldwide Gangsta
9 Leo (Skit)
10 I'm Real (Murda Mix)
11 Smokin And Ridin
12 X
13 Big Remo (Skit)
14 Lost Little Girl
15 So Much Pain
16 Pain Is Love

Ja Rule - The Last Temptation (2002) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Thug Lovin'
3 Mesmerize
4 Pop Niggas
5 The Pledge Remix
6 Murder Reigns
7 Last Temptation
8 Murder Me
9 The Warning
10 Connected
11 Emerica
12 Rock Star
13 Destiny (Outro)

Ja Rule - Blood in My Eye (2003) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Murder Intro
2 The Life
3 Clap Back
4 The Crown
5 Kay Slay (Skit)
6 Things Gon' Change
7 Race Against Time II
8 Bobby Creep (Skit)
9 Niggas & Bitches
10 The INC is Back
11 Remo (Skit)
12 Blood in My Eye
13 It's Murda (Freestyle)
14 The Wrap (Freestyle)

Ja Rule - R.U.L.E. (2004) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 The INC Intro
2 Last of the Mohicans
3 Wonderful
4 What's My Name
5 New York
6 Stripping Game (Skit)
7 The Manual
8 Get it Started
9 R.U.L.E.
10 True Story (Skit)
11 Caught Up
12 Gun Talk
13 Never Thought
14 Life Goes On
15 Weed (Skit)
16 Where I'm From
17 Bout My Business
18 Passion

Ja Rule - Exodus (2005) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Exodus (Intro)
2 Me
3 Holla Holla
4 It's Murda
5 Put it On Me
6 I Cry
7 Livin' it Up
8 Always On Time
9 Ain't it Funny (Remix)
10 Thug Lovin'
11 Mesmerize
12 Clap Back
13 New York
14 Wonderful
15 Never Again
16 Daddy's Little Baby
17 Love Me, Hate Me
18 Exodus (Outro)

Ja Rule - PIL 2 (2012) PIL 2
Track Lyrics
1 F--- Fame (Intro)
2 Real Life Fantasy
3 Parachute
4 SuperStar (Intro)
5 SuperStar
6 Black Vodka
7 Drown
8 Never Had Time
9 Strange Days
10 To the Top
11 Pray 4 the Day
12 Believe
13 Spun a Web

Lyrics Album
Always On Time (Remix) Always On Time 12"
Grand Finale Belly Soundtrack
Story to Tell Belly Soundtrack
Between Me and You (Remix) Between Me and You 12"
Reprasent Black Gangster soundtrack
Damn (Should've Treated U Right) Blue Streak soundtrack
Life Ain't a Game Da Mizza Presents..
Down 4 U (Down Ass Bitch Remix) Down 4 U 12"
State to State Exit Wounds soundtrack
Furious The Fast and.. soundtrack
Good Life (Remix) The Fast and.. soundtrack
Free Free 12"
The Usual Suspects How to Be a Player soundtrack
Gangstafied Irv Gotti Presents - The Inc
The Rain Irv Gotti Presents - The Inc
Come-N-Go Irv Gotti Presents - The Remixes
No One Does it Better (Remix) Irv Gotti Presents - The Remixes
25 to Life Life soundtrack
How Many Wanna (Clean) Light it Up soundtrack
Loose Change Loose Change 12"
Father Forgive Me The Mirror *
Sunset The Mirror *
Uh-Ohhh! The Mirror *
Put it On Me (Remix) Put it On Me 12"
Bitch Betta Have My Money Rush Hour Soundtrack
The Theme From Street Sweeper Street Sweeper (comp.)
Survival of the Illest Intro Survival of the Illest Vol. 1
Survival of the Illest 2 Intro Survival of the Illest Vol. 2
Murda For Life Too Gangsta For Radio
Thug Life Thug Life 12"
First Degree Violator - The Album
What's Going On What's Going On EP
What's Going On (J. Dupri Mix) What's Going On EP

Track Lyrics
Leaving (Always on Time Pt. 2) Ashanti
Turn it Up Ashanti
Wonderful (Remix) Ashanti
Live at the Tunnel Big Kap + Flex
Girlfriend/Boyfriend BlackStreet
Rainy Days Mary J. Blige
If We Mariah Carey
4 My Click Ca$h Money Click
Get Tha Fortune Ca$h Money Click
Where Da Paper At Cha Cha
Who Wants to F--- Tonight Crooked I
Back Up Da Brat
Crime Life DJ Clue
Gangsta S--- DJ Clue
Say What U Say DJ Clue
New York Is Back DJ Khaled
Grand Finale (Murda Mix) DMX
Murderers, Pimps + Thugs Do or Die
You Are Everything Dru Hill
Get Da Money E. Onasis
Ride For This Fabolous
What's Luv? Fat Joe
Feelin the Hate Funkmaster Flex
Girl is Mine Jagged Edge
One Blood (Remix) The Game
Can I Get a... Jay-Z
Can I Get A.. (Video Edit) Jay-Z
Can't Get Enough Montell Jordan
Back Where I Belong LL Cool J
ATL Tales/Ride Wit Me Lloyd
Ain't it Funny (Remix) Lopez, J.
Four Seasons Meth + Red
Time to Build Mic Geronimo
Usual Suspects Mic Geronimo
Get Away Christina Milian
Letter Morioku, Ai
Murdergram Murder, Inc.
Live My Life Noreaga
She Tried (Remix) Noreaga
Stay Flawless N.O.R.E.
Want That Old Thing Back Notorious B.I.G.
Mafia Music (Remix) Rick Ross
Been Around the World R. Kelly
Niggas Night Out Royal Flush
Bad Boy Shae Jones
You Are Everything (Remix) Sisqo
We Did it Again Swizz Beatz
Race Against Time Part 2 Tank
How Can I Be Down? TQ
Bing Monsters Tragedy Khadafi