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Money, Power & Respect || We Are the Streets
Jadakiss: Kiss Tha Game Goodbye || Styles: A Gangster and a Gentleman
Sheek Louch: Walk Witt Me || Jadakiss: Kiss of Death
Styles P: The Ghost in the Machine || Sheek Louch: After Taxes
Sheek Louch: Year of the Wolf || Styles P: Time is Money
Styles P: Super Gangster || Sheek Louch: Silverback Gorilla
Jadakiss: The Last Kiss || Styles P: The Green Ghost Project
Sheek Louch: Life on D-Block || Jadakiss: I Love You
Styles P: Master of.. || #The1st28 EP || Wu-Block
Trinity || Jadakiss: Top 5.. || Talib & Styles: The Seven
Remix/B-Side/Soundtrack || Miscellaneous

The L.O.X. - Money, Power & Respect (1998) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Yonker's Tale
2 Livin' the Life
3 If You Think I'm Jiggy
4 The Interview (Pt. 1)
5 Money, Power & Respect
6 Get This $
7 Let's Start Rap Over
8 Mad Rapper (Interlude)
9 I Wanna Thank You
10 Goin' Be Some S---
11 The Heist (Part 1)
12 Not to Be F---ed With
13 The Set-Up
14 B---hes From Eastwick
15 Can't Stop, Won't Stop
16 All For the Love
17 So Right
18 The Snitch (Interlude)
19 Everybody Wanna Rat
20 The Interview (Pt. 2)

The L.O.X. - We Are the Streets (2000) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro (Skit)
2 F--- You
3 Can I Live
4 Built for Bodies (Skit)
5 Breathe Easy
6 Felony Niggas
7 Wild Out
8 Blood Pressure
9 Recognize
10 Rape B You Records (Skit)
11 Y'all F---ed Up Now
12 Scream L.O.X.
13 You Told Me
14 Brains (Skit)
15 Ryde or Die, B---h
16 Bring it On
17 If You Know
18 We Are the Streets

Jadakiss - Kiss Tha Game Goodbye (2001) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Jada's Got a Gun
3 Show Discipline
4 Knock Yourself Out
5 We Gonna Make It
6 None of Y'all Betta
7 Stick Yourself (Skit)
8 I'm a Gangsta
9 Nasty Girl
10 Put Ya Hands Up
11 Jay Jerkin' (Skit)
12 On My Way
13 Cruisin'
14 Kiss is Spittin
15 F---in' or What?
16 It's Time I See You
17 What You Ride For?
18 Uh-Hunh!
19 Feel Me (Skit)
20 Keep Ya Head Up
21 Charge It

Styles - A Gangster and a Gentleman (2002) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Good Times (I Get High)
3 Y'all Know We in Here
4 A Gangster and a Gentleman
5 Black Magic
6 Daddy Get That Cash
7 Lick Shots
8 And I Came To...
9 Get Paid
10 A-- Bag (Skit)
11 I'm a Ruff Ryder
12 Soul Clap
13 We Thugs (My Niggas)
14 Styles
15 Barbershop (Skit)
16 Listen
17 Niggas Flippin (Skit)
18 Y'all Don't Wanna F---
19 S--- Done Changed (Skit)
20 Nobody Believes Me
21 Dedication (Skit)
22 My Brother
23 Outro
24 The Life (Bonus Track)

Sheek Louch - Walk Witt Me (2003) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 For You
2 OK
3 Turn it Up
4 How Many Guns
5 In/Out (S.P.)
6 I Ain't Forget
7 Walk Witt Me
8 Crazzy
9 Ten Hut
10 How I Love You
11 3-5-4 (Tarrentino)
12 Don't Mean Nuthin'
13 D-Block
14 Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up)

Jadakiss - Kiss of Death (2004) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 What You So Mad At??
3 Shine
4 Bring You Down
5 Time's Up
6 Why
7 U Make Me Wanna
8 Hot Skit
9 Hot Sauce to Go
10 Real Hip Hop
11 Shoot Outs
12 Still Feel Me
13 By Your Side
14 Gettin' it In
15 Air it Out
16 Welcome to D-Block
17 Kiss of Death
18 I'm Going Back
* The Champ is Here (Time's Up Remix)

D-Block - Peer Pressure (Feb. 2005) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Lies
2 Gator Ent.
3 Before
4 I-95
5 Beautiful Day
6 D-Block
7 Told You
8 What's Really Hood?
9 Styles Freestyle #1
10 Like This
11 What Up B---h?
12 Guns Up
13 Real S---
14 Survivor
15 Get Mine
16 Who's Dat?
17 J-Hood Freestyle
18 T. Waters Freestyle
19 Styles Freestyle #2
20 Sheek Louch Freestyle #1
21 Around You
22 Sheek Louch Freestyle #2

Styles P - The Ghost in the Machine (Sept. 2005) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 The MC
3 Day You Die
4 Come Clean
5 Beats to My Rhyme
6 Ghost Stories, Part 1
7 Ghost Stories, Part 2
8 Major
9 Talk to 'Em Slow
10 Snitching 101
11 Pussy Niggas
12 Invite to 50
13 In My Hood
14 The Key
15 I'm Black (Remix)
16 Soldier's Song
17 Damage Control
18 Man of the Men
19 Ghost P
20 Get Your Dream Smash
21 Believe It
22 Outro

Sheek Louch - After Taxes (Nov. 2005) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Street Music
3 On the Road Again
4 Pain
5 45 Minutes to Broadway
6 One Name
7 Guess Who (Interlude)
8 Maybe If I Sing
9 Devine
10 Kiss Your A-- Goodbye (Extended Remix)
11 Do Not Interrupt (Interlude)
12 Run Up
13 Get Up Stand Up
14 Pressure
15 Movie Niggaz
16 Juice Bar (Interlude)
17 All Fed Up
18 Get Money
19 Kiss Your A-- Goodbye (Remix)

Sheek Louch - Year of the Wolf (2006)
Track Lyrics
1 Vinny Idol Intro
2 Kiss Ya A-- Goodbye
3 Body Blows
4 Bullet, Blaze & Gotti S---
5 Ask About Me
6 Buck, Buc, Buk
7 Stop Playing
8 Vinny Idol Skit
9 What the F--- Is Y'all Talking About
10 Dirty Money
11 Soundz of Gunz
12 Don't F--- With Me
13 Twinz S---
14 Message to the Snitch
15 Clickety Clank
16 Hey 50
17 Lies & Rumors
18 Let's Bounce
19 Way of the World
20 Vinny Idol Outro

Styles P - Time Is Money (2006) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 G*Joint
2 Testify
3 How We Live
4 Real S---
5 Who Want a Problem (Remix)
6 Favorite Drug
7 Can You Believe It
8 Kick it Like That
9 I'm Black
10 Fire & Pain
11 Burn One Down
12 Leave a Message

Styles P - Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentleman) (2007)
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Blow Your Mind
3 Let's Go
4 Alone in the Street
5 In It to Win It
6 All I Know Is Pain
7 Got My Eyes on You
8 Green Piece of Paper
9 Holiday
10 Look at Her
11 Da 80's
12 Interlude 1
13 Shoot Niggas
14 Super Gangster
15 Star of the State
16 U Ain't Ready 4 Me
17 Interlude 2
18 Gangster, Gangster
19 Cause I'm Black

Sheek Louch - Silverback Gorilla (2008) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Lottery (Skit)
2 Think We Got a Problem
3 Keep Pushin'
4 Good Love
5 D-Block/Dipset
6 We at War
7 Scrap to This
8 Don't Be Them
9 Gettin' Stronger
10 That's a Soldier
11 What What
12 We Comin'
13 Crowd (Skit)
14 We Spray Crowds
15 Rubber Grip
16 2 Turntables & A Mic
17 Mic Check
18 Go Hoodlums

Jadakiss - The Last Kiss (2009) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Pain & Torture
2 Can't Stop Me
3 Who's Real
4 Grind Hard
5 Something Else
6 One More Step
7 Stress Ya
8 What If
9 Things I've Been Through
10 I Tried
11 Rocking With the Best
12 Smoking Gun
13 Cartel Gathering
14 Come and Get Me
15 By My Side
16 Letter to B.I.G.
17 Something Else (Remix)
18 Death Wish
*I Respect My Conglomerate (Remix)

Styles P - The Green Ghost Project (Feb. 2010) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Nothing to Lose
2 Double Trouble
3 Callin' Me
4 Send a Kite
5 Make Millions From Entertainment
6 Invasion
7 Time Will Tell
8 Pablo Doe
9 Real Ghostly
10 Pretty Little Thing
11 Shadows
12 Legal Money
13 That's Me
14 Bang Time
15 Born in These Streets

Sheek Louch - Life on D-Block (May 2010) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Let's Go
2 It's On
3 Life on D-Block
4 The Take Off
5 Give That Up
6 Time 2 Get Paid
7 Come Up
8 Pimp S---
9 That Nigga
10 In the Rain
11 The Boyz From NY
12 My Guns Go
13 Not Livin It
14 Die Slow
15 Time 2 Get Paid

Jadakiss - I Love You (May 2011) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Hold You Down
3 Lil Bruh
4 How I Feel
5 Rock Wit Me
6 In the Streets
7 Lay Em Down
8 Toast (Intro)
9 Toast to That
10 Inkredible Remix
11 Gone Too Long

Styles P - Master of Ceremonies (Oct. 2011) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 How I Fly
2 We Don't Play
3 I'm a Gee
4 Ryde On Da Regular
5 Keep the Faith
6 Children
7 Street S---
8 Feelings Gone
9 Harsh
10 It's OK
11 Don't Turn Away
12 Uh-Ohh

Curren$y & Styles P - #The1st28 EP (2012) (DP)
Track Lyrics
1 Rule Book
2 Jekell N Hyde
3 Lean
4 Go
5 Billions

The L.O.X. - Trinity (Dec. 2013) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Faded
2 Talk About It
3 Love Me or Leave Me Alone
4 Three Kings

Jadakiss - Top 5 Dead or Alive (Nov. 2015) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 First 48 (Intro)
2 Shop Talk (Skit)
3 You Don't Eat
4 You Can See
5 Y.O. (Youthful Offenders)
6 Jason
7 Kill
8 Man in the Mirror
9 Synergy
10 Ain't Nothin New
11 So High
12 Ahaa Interview (Skit)
13 Critical
14 Confetti (Skit)
15 Cutlass
16 Realest in the Game
17 Rain
18 One More Mile to Go

Lyrics Album
You'll See 1996 Bad Boy Promotional
And1 Kevin Garnett Commercial And1 Kevin Garnett Commercial
Big Business Big Business 12"
We Be Like This Blade 2 Soundtrack
Block Work Block Work (S)
Blow Your Mind (Remix) Blow Your Mind (Remix) 12"
Let Go (Hit the Dance Floor) Bringing Down the House soundtrack
Checkmate Checkmate 12"
Clickity Clank Clickity Clank 12"
Dump Dump 12"
Bust Your Gun Exit Wounds soundtrack
Don't You Cry Filthy Animal... It's Beautiful
Move Forward Filthy Animal... It's Beautiful
F--- Beanie Sigel F--- Beanie Sigel 12"
The Ghost The Ghost promo 12"
Good Times (I Get By) (Radio) Good Times (S)
Good Times (I Get By) (Video) Good Times (S)
What's the Problem Grand Theft Auto IV Soundtrack
J.A.D.A. Honey Soundtrack
Hood Cake Hood Cake (S)
Thug Kiss of Death Jadakiss.com
Bust Shots The Man With the Iron Fists OST
Chain Gang Mister Cee Hot 97
If You Want It You Can Get It Money Promo 12"
My Niggaz My Niggaz 12"
Nike Basketball Second Coming Commercial Nike Basketball Second Coming Commercial
No Selfies No Selfies (S)
Some Niggas Oz Soundtrack
Predator is Back Predator is Back 12"
Problem Child Problem Child 12"
3 the Best Ras Kass Presents: The Re-Up
Good Times (Remix) Red Star Sounds Volume 2
Reebok Allen Iverson Commercial Reebok Allen Iverson Commercial
Reebok Allen I. Commercial (Part Two) Reebok Allen I. Commercial (Part Two)
Dope Money Ruff Ryders V1
Kiss of Death Ruff Ryders V1
Ryde or Die Ruff Ryders V1
2 Tears in a Bucket Ruff Ryders V2
Go Head Ruff Ryders V2
Got it All Ruff Ryders V2
Holiday Ruff Ryders V2
My Name is Kiss Ruff Ryders V2
WW III Ruff Ryders V2
All Star Freestyle Ruff Ryders V3
Eastside Ryders Ruff Ryders V3
Keep Hustlin' Ruff Ryders V3
Shoot 'Em in Tha Head Ruff Ryders V3
They Ain't Ready Ruff Ryders V3
Get Wild Ruff Ryders V4
Ghetto Children Ruff Ryders V4
If It's Beef Ruff Ryders V4
Keep the Gunz Cocked (If it's Beef... Remix) Ruff Ryders V4
Ruff Ryders 4 Life Ruff Ryders V4
Freaky Ruff Ryders: PPF
What to Do Ruff Ryders: PPF
World's Greatest Ruff Ryders: PPF
600 Benz Self Made Vol. 1
Shots Fired Shots Fired 12"
Body Down Terminal 3 Presents
'Til it All Falls Down 'Til it All Falls Down 12"
In Too Deep Too Gangsta For Radio
Dirty Ryders Training Day soundtrack
We'll Always Love Big Poppa Tribute to Notorious B.I.G.
Footage The Trinity 2nd Sermon EP
Horror The Trinity 2nd Sermon EP
Come Thru Violator V2.0
Wake Up Everybody Wake Up Everybody (comp.)
War Room War Room (S)
Pay Per View WCW Mayhem
We Gonna Make It (Remix) We Gonna Make It 12"
Why (Remix) Why Remix 12"
Who's Real (Ruff Ryders Remix) Who's Real 12"

Lyrics Artist
One Day at a Time 2 Chainz
N.I.G.G.A. 2Pac
Pain (Remix) 2Pac
Chase the Paper 50 Cent
Irregular Heartbeat 50 Cent
Gateway to Wizardry Action Bronson
Blown Away Akon
Locked Up (Remix) Akon
Calmly Smoke Alchemist
D Block to QB Alchemist
The Essence Alchemist
Empire State of Mind Pt. 2 (Remix) Alicia Keys
Why R U? (Remix) Amerie
The Hardest AZ
Nathan Azealia Banks
We Gonna Win Miri Ben-Ari
Call My Name Benzino
We in Here Big Kap + Flex
Fast Lane Bilal
Fast Lane (Video Remix) Bilal
Can I Live Black Rob
Making a Murderer B.T. & 9th Wonder
Can't Get You Off My Mind Mary J. Blige
Family Affair (Remix) Mary J. Blige
Sexy Mary J. Blige
Hot Nigga (Remix) Bobby Shmurda
Never Scared (Remix) Bone Crusher
Ohio to Yonkers Bow Wow
Loyal (DJ Tedsmooth Remix) Chris Brown
Run It Chris Brown
Conglomerate (Video Remix) Busta Rhymes
Bodega Stories Capone-N-Noreaga
Bleeding From the Mouth Capone-N-Noreaga
Rotate (Remix) Capone-N-Noreaga
Miss You Mariah Carey
Touch My Body (Remix) Mariah Carey
We Belong Together (Remix) Mariah Carey
Can I Talk to You Cassidy
Pop That Cannon Cassidy
Stand Up (Tribute to Sean Bell) Cassidy
I'm Not You The Clipse
Guess What Keyshia Cole
Live at the Tunnel Cru
Talk About It Cuban Link
Boss Dealings Curren$y
Clear Curren$y
Drive Curren$y
WOH Curren$y
Get It Da Brat
Arizona Dave East
Everything Lit Dave East
Treat Me Like David Banner
Straight Off Tha Block D-Block
Discipline D-Block
Get That Paper D-Block
That's D-Block D-Block
Try Me (Remix) Dej Loaf
Show It (Remix) Demarco
1, 2, 3, 4 DJ Clue
Back 2 Life 2001 DJ Clue
Fantastic Four Pt. 2 DJ Clue
Ruff Ryder's Anthem (Remix) DJ Clue
Ugly (Thug it Out) DJ Clue
Who Did You Expect DJ Clue
Never Die DJ Drama
Throw Ya Sets Up DJ Drama
D Block DJ Envy
What, Why, Where, When DJ Envy
Move Like a G DJ Envy & Red Cafe
Blockstars (Remix) DJ Kay Slay
Don't Take it There (Unity Remix) DJ Kay Slay
Justice DJ Kay Slay
The Streetsweeper DJ Kay Slay
You Heard of Us DJ Kay Slay
You Heard of Us (Remix) DJ Kay Slay
All I Do Is Win (Remix) DJ Khaled
Don't Ever Play Yourself DJ Khaled
Every Time We Come Around DJ Khaled
Game (Red Light) DJ Khaled
I Did It For My Dawgz DJ Khaled
I Lied DJ Khaled
I'm From the Ghetto DJ Khaled
It Ain't Over Til It's Over DJ Khaled
Never Surrender DJ Khaled
New York Is Back DJ Khaled
Problem DJ Khaled
Welcome to My Hood (Remix) DJ Khaled
Married 2 Tha Game DJ Premier
Champion DJ Suss One
Death DJ WhooKid
Blackout DMX
D-X-L (Hard White) DMX
It's Personal DMX
Niggaz Done Started Something DMX
Shot Down DMX
We Don't Give a F--- DMX
We're Back DMX
Drag S--- Drag-On
Opposite of H20 Drag-On
Ready For War Drag-On
Respect My Gangsta Drag-On
Tell Your Friends Drag-On
The Formula Drunken Master
White Gurl E-40
Stop Playin' Games (Remix) Eightball
Time Is Up Emanny
When I'm Gone Emanny
Double R What Eve
Thug in the Street Eve
That's What it Is Eve
Love Is a Funny Thing Evidence
The Hope Fabolous
Keepin' it Gangsta (Remix) Fabolous
My Lifestyle (Remix) Fat Joe
Pride N Joy Fat Joe
Walk Wit Me Freeway
New York Minute French Montana
New York Minute (Remix) French Montana
Shot Caller (NYC Remix) French Montana
In or Out Funkmaster Flex
Who You Mad At Funkmaster Flex
Notorious B.I.G. & Da Lox Funkmaster Flex
I Don't Care Funkmaster Flex
Game's Pain (Remix) The Game
One Blood (Remix) The Game
Street Muzik The Game
Rite Where You Stand GangStarr
Blue Armor Ghostface Killah
Metal Lungies Ghostface Killah
Run Ghostface Killah
Run (Album Version) Ghostface Killah
Run (Remix) Ghostface Killah
Street Bullies Ghostface Killah
Tony Sigel (a.k.a. Barrel Bros.) Ghostface Killah
Wasted (Remix) Gucci Mane
Don Status Guru
Where it Started At (NY) Hi-Tek
I'm Like That (Remix) Honey Cocaine
Black Vikings Immortal Technique
Day & Night Isyss
Fiend Jaheim
New York Ja Rule
Resevoir Dogs Jay-Z
R.I.P. Jean Grae
Hate Blood Jermaine Dupri
Karaoke Night Jin
I Want a Girl Like You Joe
Dessert 4 Thought Joe Budden
Super Predator Joey Bada$$
War Johnny Blanco
Let's Ride Josh Xantus
Well, Well, Well Kasino
Fired Up Kid Ink
Yonkers Anthem King Phaze
V.S.O.P. (DJ Tedsmooth Remix) K.Michelle
Water (Remix) Lil Bibby
Wipe Me Down (Remix) Lil Boosie
See Me Down Lil Durk
Grand Finale Lil Jon
Knockin' Heads Off Lil Jon
Put Yo Hood Up (Remix) Lil Jon
Get in Touch With Us Lil' Kim
Some Out Nun Lil Reese
Gotti Lil Wayne
It's Good Lil Wayne
Come and Party with Me LL Cool J
Chosen Few Lloyd Banks
Predator Lloyd Banks
Unexplainable Lloyd Banks
Jenny From the Block Jennifer Lopez
You Got Me LSG
Party Time Lukie D
Own It (DJ Tedsmooth Remix) Mack Wilds
Hi Hater (Remix) Maino
Set it Off Main Source
Let Me Love You (Remix) Mario
We Keep it Rockin Maino
What Happened Maino
Live From the Streets Angie Martinez
24 Hours To Live Mase
Reppin' Uptown McGruff
Heaven or Hell Meek Mill
Youngstown Heist Meth Ghost Rae
Ya'meen Method Man
Usual Suspects Mic Geronimo
All a Dream Mobb Deep
One of Ours Part II Mobb Deep
Win or Lose (Remix) Mobb Deep
I Just Wanna Please You Mona Lisa
Bang Time M.O.P.
The Best of Me Mya
Let My Tape Rock (Remix) Mysonne
Made You Look (Remix) Nas
The Don of Dons (Put De Ding Pon Dem) The Neptunes
Banned From TV Noreaga
Google That Noreaga/N.O.R.E.
Sour Diesel Noreaga
Last Day Notorious B.I.G.
The Set Up (Remix) Obie Trice
Hip Hop (Remix) Joell Ortiz
Put Some Money On It Joell Ortiz
Sing Like Bilal (Remix) Joell Ortiz
6 AM Papoose
BET Cypher 2006 Papoose
I'm Like That (Remix) Papoose
Raised With Them Gangstaz Papoose
Fix Me Parle'
That's Hard Pete Rock
Black Hand Side Pharoahe Monch
Want It All PnB Rock
It's All About the Benjamins (Remix) Puff Daddy
I Got the Power Puff Daddy
Euphoria Rakim
Real Nigga Ray J
Broken Safety Raekwon
Gutterman Music Raekwon
Planet of the Apes Raekwon
Hottest in the Hood (Remix Part One) Red Cafe
I'm Ill (Remix Part One) Red Cafe
Paper Touchin (Remix Part One) Red Cafe
Paper Touchin (Remix Part Two) Red Cafe
Paper Touchin (Remix Part Three) Red Cafe
B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast) Rick Ross
Don't Like Rick Ross
Keys to the Crib Rick Ross
Maybach Music III Rick Ross
Fiesta (Original Version) R. Kelly
Rising Down The Roots
The Banjo Royce Da 5'9"
Summer On Lock Royce Da 5'9"
Artifacts of Life Rufus Blaq
Not Like Them Saigon
Groovy Tony ScHoolboy Q
Dodge This Erick Sermon
88 Diggy Simmons
Real Talk Sky Balla
Put Some Money On It (Remix) Slaughterhouse
So Fly (Remix) Slim
Yayo (Remix) Snootie Wild
Bout My Business Spade
Down Like This Statik Selektah
For the City Statik Selektah
Funeral Season Statik Selektah
Stop, Look, Listen Statik Selektah
The Thrill Is Back Statik Selektah
The Thrill Is Gone Statik Selektah
Top Tier Statik Selektah
Big Business Swizz Beatz
Big Business Part 2 (Bigger Business) Swizz Beatz
It's Me B---hes (Remix) Swizz Beatz
Something Dirty/Pic Got Us Swizz Beatz
Swizz N 4 Beatz Swizz Beatz
Buck 'Em Down Freestyle Talib Kweli
D.U.I. Teyana Taylor
Play Dirty Termanology & Lil' Fame
Say It Termanology
BARS Tony Touch
I'm High T-Pain
Hard 2 Smile Trae
I'm On 2.0 Trae
Smile Trae
2 Reasons (DJ Ted Smooth Remix) Trey Songz
Do It Troy Ave
Do Me No Favors Troy Ave
Hit'em Up Tyga
Fame U-God
Magnum Force U-God
Warning (Remix) Uncle Murda
I Can't Let You Go Usher
Throwback (Remix) Usher
Check 'Em Out Vado
Black Vikings Vinnie Paz
600 Benz Wale
I Don't Like Kanye West
GODS Don't Bleed Westside Gunn
How I Made It (Remix) Mario Winans
Wu-Block Wu-Block
Ain't No Turning Around Yo Gotti
Real Rap Yo Gotti
Go Getta (Remix) Young Jeezy
OJ Young Jeezy