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Don't Sweat the Technique || The 18th Letter: The Book of Life
The Master || The Seventh Seal
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Eric B. & Rakim - Paid in Full (1986) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 I Ain't No Joke
2 Eric B. is on the Cut
3 My Melody
4 I Know You Got Soul
5 Move the Crowd
6 Paid in Full
7 As the Rhyme Goes On
8 Chinese Arithmetic
9 Eric B. is President
10 Extended Beat

Eric B. & Rakim - Follow the Leader (1988) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Follow the Leader
2 Microphone Fiend
3 Lyrics of Fury
4 Eric B. Never Scared
5 Just a Beat
6 Put Your Hands Together
7 To the Listeners
8 No Competition
9 The R
10 Musical Massacre
11 Beats for the Listeners

Eric B. & Rakim - Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em (1990) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em
2 No Omega
3 In the Ghetto
4 Step Back
5 Eric B. Made My Day
6 Run For Cover
7 Untouchables
8 Mahogany
9 Keep 'Em Eager to Listen
10 Set 'Em Straight
11 Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em (12" Remix)

Eric B. & Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique (1992) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 What's On Your Mind
2 Teach the Children
3 Pass the Hand Grenade
4 Casualties of War
5 Rest Assured
6 The Punisher
7 Relax With Pep
8 Keep the Beat
9 What's Going On
10 Know the Ledge
11 Don't Sweat the Technique
12 Kick Along

Rakim - The 18th Letter (Disc One) (1997) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 18th Letter (Always And Forever)
3 The Skit - (dialogue)
4 It's Been A Long Time
5 Remember That
6 The Saga Begins
7 Skit - (dialogue)
8 Guess Who's Back
9 Stay Awhile
10 New York (Ya Out There!)
11 Show Me Love
12 Skit - (dialogue)
13 Mystery (Who Is God)
14 When I'm Flowin
15 It's Been A Long Time (Suave House remix)
16 Guess Who's Back (Alternate mix)
17 Outro (The 18th Letter)

Rakim - The Book of Life (Disc Two) (1997) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 I Know You Got Soul
2 Follow the Leader
3 Eric B. is President
4 Microphone Fiend
5 I Ain't No Joke
6 Lyrics of Fury
7 My Melody
8 Know the Ledge
9 Move the Crowd
10 Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em
11 Mahogany
12 In the Ghetto
13 Casualties of War
14 The Punisher
15 Paid in Full

Rakim - The Master (1999) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Flow Forever
3 When I Be on the Mic
4 Finest Ones
5 All Night Long
6 State of Hip-Hop Interlude
7 Up Lift
8 I Know
9 It's the R
10 I'll Be There
11 It's a Must
12 Real S--t
13 How I Get Down
14 L.I. Interlude
15 Strong Island
16 Waiting for the World to End
17 We'll Never Stop

Rakim - The Seventh Seal (2009) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 How to Emcee
2 Walk These Streets
3 Documentary of a Gangsta
4 Man Above
5 You and I
6 Won't Be Long
7 Holy Are U
8 Satisfaction Guaranteed
9 Workin' for You
10 Message in the Song
11 Put it All to Music
12 Psychic Love
13 Still in Love
14 Dedicated
15 * Euphoria

Lyrics Album
R.A.K.I.M. 8 Mile soundtrack
Hip-Hop The Archive Live, Lost and Found
It's Nothing The Archive Live, Lost and Found
I'll Bust 'Em, You Punish 'Em Celebrity Deathmatch
Concrete Jungle Chant Down Babylon
Cold Feeling Cold Feeling 12"
Heat It Up Gunmen soundtrack
Hoodlum Hoodlum soundtrack
I'm Back I'm Back 12"
Getting Up Pt. 1 Marc Ecko's Getting Up
Take the Train Rugrats soundtrack
I Get Visual Visual EP
Living for the City Visual EP

Lyrics Artist
Streets of New York Alicia Keys
I'll Buss 'Em You Punish 'Em Canibus
Don't Call Me DMX
The Militia II (Remix) GangStarr
I Am G. Dep
The Watcher 2 Jay-Z
Intro KRS-One
Once Upon a Rhyme in Japan Nigo
Murderer Barrington Levy
Guilty All the Same Linkin Park
You Know the Deal Lloyd Banks
The Deal MC Ren
Addictive Truth Hurts
Addictive (Remix) Truth Hurts
Friends Jody Watley
Off the Hook Jody Watley
Classic (Nike Air Force Remix) Kanye West