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Cappadonna - The Pillage (1998) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Slang Editorial
2 Pillage
3 Run
4 Blood on Blood War
5 Supa Ninjaz
7 Splish Splash
8 Oh Donna
9 Milk the Cow
10 South of the Border
11 Check For a Nigga
12 Dart Throwing
13 Young Hearts
14 Everything is Everything
15 Pump Your Fist
16 Black Boy

Cappadonna - The Yin and the Yang (2001) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 The Grits
2 Super Model
3 War Rats
4 Bread of Life
5 Love is the Message
6 We Know
7 Shake Dat
8 Big Business
9 Revenge
10 One Way 2 Zion
11 Save the Children

Cappadonna - The Struggle (2003) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro
2 Cap is Back
3 Role of Ya Lifetime
4 Blood Brothers
5 Mamma (Skit)
6 Mamma
7 Do it (Push)
8 Get Away from the Door
9 Money, Cash, Flows
10 I Don't Even Know You
11 Make Money, Money (Skit)
12 Season of Da' Vick
13 Killa Killa Hill
14 Broken Glass
15 Power to the Peso
16 Life of a Lesbo
17 Pain is Love
18 Show
19 My Kind of Bitch
20 We Got This
21 Struggle With This
22 Freestyle
23 Call it Quits (Bonus)
24 Can't Stop the Pain (Bonus)

Cappadonna - Wu-South (2007) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Here 2 Day
2 Homicide
3 Skit
4 Clap
5 Born in N.Y.C.
6 Wu-South
7 Spark That Dutch
8 N.Y.C. Stand Up
9 Bedroom Interview
10 Bartender
11 Skit
12 Get Mine 2005
13 Getaway
14 Criminal Mind
15 Eye for an Eye
16 Killa Hill
17 Street Flavor
18 Skit
19 Coast to Coast
20 Outro

Cappadonna - The Cappatilize Project (2008)
Track Lyrics
1 Cap's Back Again
2 The Anointing
3 Don't Turn Around
4 Peace God
5 Get Paper
6 If You Don't Stop
7 One Night Love Affair
8 Growth & Development
9 Dream
10 Gotta Find a Way
11 Wanted
12 Goon Skwad
13 Tug Dat Rope
14 My Gang
15 Holdin'

Cappadonna - Slang Prostitution (2009) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 You Can't Keep a Good Man Down (Part 1)
2 Savage Life
3 Three Knives
4 Walk With Me
5 Do You Remember?
6 That Staten Island Shit
7 Stories
8 Life's a Gamble
9 Hustle & Flow
10 You Can't Keep a Good Man Down (Part 2)
11 Pistachio
12 Grungy
13 What's Really Up?
14 Da Vorzon
15 Somebody's Got to Go
16 Fire
17 Speed Knotz
18 Stay Shining
19 You Can't Keep a Good Man Down (Part 3)

Lyrics Album
Anotha Riddle 5 Styles of Shaolin EP
Got to Find a Way Got to Find a Way Promo 12"
If It's Alright With You Great White Hype Soundtrack
Wu-Wear High School High Soundtrack
One Four Love Pt. 2 Hip-Hop for Respect EP
For Heaven's Sake 2000 Loud Rocks
Six Directions of Boxing The Man With the Iron Fists OST
Hard Muzik My Clan/Hard Muzik EP
My Clan, My Clan My Clan/Hard Muzik EP
I Can See Slam Soundtrack
'96 Recreation (Demo) Wu-Chronicles
'97 Mentality Wu-Tang: The Swarm
Spit That G Wu-Tang: The Sting

Miscellaneous Wu-Related
Lyrics Artist
Back to the 36 9th Prince
Almighty Black Knights (Remix) Black Knights
The Earthquake Deadly Venoms
Moma Raised Me Fes Taylor
9 Milli Bros. Ghostface Killah
Black Tequila Ghostface Killah
Buck 50 Ghostface Killah
Camay Ghostface Killah
Camay Ghostface Killah
Daytona 500 Ghostface Killah
Dogs of War Ghostface Killah
Fish Ghostface Killah
Ghetto Ghostface Killah
Guns N' Razors Ghostface Killah
Iron Maiden Ghostface Killah
Jellyfish Ghostface Killah
Odd Couple Ghostface Killah
Paisley Darts Ghostface Killah
Winter Warz Ghostface Killah
Wu Banga 101 Ghostface Killah
Brothaz Respect Inspectah Deck
Betrayal Killah Priest
Too Strong to Change Mars Ill
Respect Mine Mathematics
The Spotlight Mathematics
Wu Banga (Remix) Mathematics
Sweet Love Method Man
Dollars & Sense Minus
Basic Killer Instinct Othorized F.A.M.
Ironfist Pillage (Remix) Othorized F.A.M.
Whyla Beneen Othorized F.A.M.
10 Bricks Raekwon
Ice Cream Raekwon
Ice Cream Pt. II Raekwon
Ice Water Raekwon
The Ambush Remedy
Girlfriend Remedy
Bullies Solomon Childs
Major Solomon Childs
Non-Negotiable Solomon Childs
Our House Solomon Childs
God Is Love U-God
Pour Tha Martini Wu-Block
225 Rounds Wu-Tang Clan
Campfire Wu-Tang Clan
Careful (Alles Real Mix) Wu-Tang Clan
Careful (Click, Click) Wu-Tang Clan
Careful (Firestarter Remix) Wu-Tang Clan
Careful (Le Rat Remix) Wu-Tang Clan
Careful (Twang vs. Tang Remix) Wu-Tang Clan
Diesel Fluid Wu-Tang Clan
For Heavens Sake Wu-Tang Clan
For Heavens Sake 2000 Wu-Tang Clan
The Glock Wu-Tang Clan
Heaterz Wu-Tang Clan
The Jump Off Wu-Tang Clan
Little Ghetto Boys Wu-Tang Clan
Maria Wu-Tang Clan
Tar Pit Wu-Tang Clan
Triumph Wu-Tang Clan
Windmill Wu-Tang Clan

Miscellaneous Other
Lyrics Artist
Keep Rising Bless
Da Connection Da Beatminerz
Taking Drastic Measures Drastic Measures
We Live This Garcia
Lousy World Intrinzik
Honor Ivan Ives
If You Talked About Me J-Love
Move Unheard Joe Young
With You Kreators
Street Rhymer KRS-One & True Master
Strange Fruit Pete Rock
Real Live Shit Remix Real Live
Wu-Tang Part 1 Sway & King Tech